New build in Valby

Torveporten: Architect-designed dream homes in Valby

Among green oases, growing communities, and a palette of opportunities for the active, urban lifestyle enthusiast lies the residential property Torveporten near the former Grønttorv in Valby. With its central location, this newly constructed property comprises over 170 quality homes with 2-5 rooms ranging from 54 to 125 square meters, designed by Arkitema Architects. There is something for every taste and every need.

Torveporten is just a stone's throw away from Ny Ellebjerg Station, which will be renamed København Syd (Copenhagen South) from December 2023 and will also include a metro station by 2024. As a resident of Torveporten, you will be close to one of the largest transportation hubs in the capital.

When moving to Torveporten, you also gain access to Grønttorvsparken as your quite extensive backyard. The park, which serves as the focal point of the neighborhood and spans 23,000 square meters, draws inspiration from the famous Central Park in New York and offers green lawns, wading pools, and open areas surrounded by charming streets, sidewalk cafes, and vibrant city life. Here, good neighborliness, family, and other relationships can thrive, while there is also ample opportunity for personal reflection and individual activities.

The newly constructed district of 160,000 square meters, adjacent to Torveporten, also offers a wide range of shops, institutions, and commercial spaces. In other words, you will have everything your heart desires in terms of culture, city life, and nature within arm's reach.

Expected move-in date is mid-2024. You can sign up for the interest list now and receive information when we begin leasing.

Welcome home to Torveporten.


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Central location in Wonderful Valby

If you move into Torveporten, you'll have an address in 2500 Valby, which falls under the municipality of Copenhagen. Valby is a city under rapid development, beautifully combining the traditional with the modern.

You'll find both preserved, architect-designed villas and charming streets that have served as the backdrop for a wide range of old Danish movies over the years, including the Olsen Banden series. The area is steeped in history.

A few steps away from this scenery, you'll encounter a wide variety of shopping options, cafes, and city life that still retains the area's historical charm. The Spinderiet shopping center offers everything your heart desires in terms of shops. And when you need a breather, you're not far from green spaces. In addition to the large Grønttorvspark you have as your backyard, you'll find Valbyparken, Copenhagen's second-largest park, with its large open lawns and nature playground just a stone's throw away.

In the heart of it all, you'll find the bustling Valby Station, which offers a wide range of train lines and bus connections that connect you to the rest of the Copenhagen and Zealand infrastructure.

Feel the presence of history

A significant part of Valby is also the well-known Grønttorv, where fruit, vegetable, and flower vendors have been a daily presence since 1958. Over the years, plenty of fresh produce has been sold here, great deals have been made, and it has been filled with life and happiness from early morning to late night. You can almost smell the fresh flowers and hear the vendors' pitches for good prices.

However, in 2016, the last bunch of bananas was sold, and the greengrocers left the area. It was quiet for a while, but a large-scale renovation and urban renewal quickly took place.

Now, a modern district has emerged, but with Grønttorvet's history in mind. Torveporten is the latest - and last - residential development to come to life in a 50/50 joint venture between Balder and Nrep. Along with the UMEUS college and The Market office building, built in the same joint venture, Torveporten is located close to the lively Gammel Køge Landevej. Together, these three buildings complete the transformation of the former Grønttorv area, whose history should never be forgotten.

Badeværelse med pige

A good start and end to the day

The bathroom's clean and minimalist design invites tranquility and well-being both in the morning and evening. The space is utilized optimally with a washing machine and dryer

Entre med pige

Space for the active life

The homes are designed for the lived life – space for you, your hobbies, and your family

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Architect designed quality homes

A series of vibrant green spaces, circular benches, and an inviting staircase seamlessly connect the three buildings - Torveporten, UMEUS, and The Market - and create a shared urban space. In addition to giving a visually pleasing look, the elements serve as a link to the rest of the area. You can only feel welcome as you ascend the steps.

From the staircase, you reach your future home in Torveporten. Here, a raised, lively courtyard behind two gates houses the 170 architect-designed homes in the square block consisting of apartments with 2-5 rooms ranging from 54 to 125 square meters.

There's something for everyone's taste. Regardless of age, life stage, and family size, you can find a home to make your own. Several sought-after qualities are highly prioritized in all of Torveporten's apartments that feature spacious balconies, while terraces are available on the ground floor. In other words, you can easily enjoy both private and outdoor life, even if you live on the ground floor. Additionally, you'll find excellent daylight conditions, stylish kitchen-dining areas, and the possibility of zoning the kitchen and living areas in all homes.

Materials have been carefully chosen with a focus on quality and functionality offering a well-lived life - space for you, your friends, and your family.

Furthermore, Torveporten is pre-certified to the DGNB Gold certification standard. The certificate has been chosen as a benchmark because it is based on a holistic approach that considers environmental, social, and economic considerations. The property is expected to receive a final gold certificate upon completion.

Taghave Torveporten

A sense of community both up and down

In addition to an inviting shared urban space with sitting areas, Torveporten offers a range of other community-enhancing initiatives. Take for example the raised courtyard that unites the residential property behind two entrance gates. It consists of a series of cozy sitting areas for all ages and a playground where children and childish adults can have fun. The courtyard also features trees, bushes, and green plants.

If you look up, you'll find an inviting rooftop garden that creates a space above the city for outdoor activities and social gatherings. It includes carefully selected exercise facilities and an observation point that provides a good view of the area.

In the rooftop garden, you'll also find two beautiful, glass-covered conservatories of approximately 35 square meters each. You can sit here and have a cup of coffee with your neighbor in all kinds of weather while enjoying the view.

If you look down at street level there will be bicycle storage rooms where your two-wheeled companion can stay dry, a bicycle workshop room for free use, and a room for stroller storage. Finally, Torveporten features a so-called exchange center, where recycling takes center stage. Here, you can exchange old usable items that have not yet completed their duty with your neighbors.

Balder and Nrep in joint venture

Torveporten completes the final part of Grønttorvet in Valby. It is Nrep and Balder, who, through a 50/50 joint venture, are behind the project, which includes three building plots consisting of an office building, a dormitory, and residential units totaling over 35,000 square meters. Occupancy is expected in the second half of 2024."

  • Available residences
  • Fully leased
  • Under construction

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Architect Arkitema Architects
Size 2-5 rooms ranging from 54-125 sqm.
Floors Up to seven floors
Heat source District heating
Common areas Rooftop garden, greenhouses, conservatories, bicycle storage, baby carriage storage, bicycle workshop, exchange center
Parking Basement parking
Pet Possibility of a pet permit for one pet

Rental terms

Security deposit 3 months' rent
Prepaid rent 1 month + the first month's rent, including water and heating
Lease period Unlimited
Notice period 12 months of binding lease, meaning it cannot be terminated in the first 9 months, afterward, a 3-month notice applies
Rent increase Adjusted according to the net price index + taxes and fees
Number of occupants Apartments can be occupied by a maximum number of adults the residence is designed for
All tenants are subject to credit checks. It is not possible to rent a property if you are registered with the RKI (Debtor Register).

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