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Ofeliahaven – a cozy green oasis in Helsingør

Ofeliahaven is an attractive architect-designed property, located in cozy surroundings by the forest and with the beach only 2 kilometers away. You get to move into a brand-new apartment with a balcony or terrace attached to each apartment, built with durable high-quality materials.

Ofeliahaven will accommodate a total of 109 homes, varying in size from 2-5 bedrooms spread onto 52-122 m2, which makes great space for singles, couples and families in all ages. The property consists of 8 buildings that are divided into two housing groups, each shaped like a horseshoe encircling the common green courtyard. The courtyards will accommodate quiet living areas with tables and benches and a play area with a playhouse and balance poles. One of the rooms in the courtyard will include an orangery with a kitchen and a large living room which is ideal for birthday parties and other cozy events.

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A modern residence with room for living

The apartments at Ofeliahaven are designed for the life that modern people live today. One of its best features is the spacious family room, which is a great setting for relaxing or cosy mornings with the family, while being roomy enough to have all your favourite guests over for dinner. The flexible layout offers ample possibilities to fit out the apartment according to your style and needs.

Large window-walls invite nature inside and ensure a home with plenty of daylight. The apartments were also designed with cross-lighting, which means that the light shines from one side to the other.

The apartment is furnished with a stylish kitchen with handle-free, soft-close doors, where quiet-running appliances ensure a serene atmosphere. The bathroom comes with a stacked washer-dryer, floor heating and an extra-large shower cabinet, so you can get the best possible start to your day.

All residences have their own outdoor area, consisting of a balcony or front garden/terrace, which you can furnish for cosy get-togethers with the people you care about.

Oases and adventure between the buildings

At Ofeliahaven’s two inner courtyards, you can find quiet areas with tables and benches, as well as facilities that invite socialisation for children and adults. Plants were selected that bloom year-round with beautiful colours, so that there is always something nice to look at. A common orangery with a large common room can be a great setting for birthday parties and cosy dinners.

Instead of a traditional playground, Ofeliahaven’s inner courtyards are designed for exploring. The playhouse acts as a safe base, from where small paths invite you to go on an adventure. Here, the children can build hideouts in the bushes, jump on trampolines or practice their balance on rustic bars – the only limit is their imagination.

Ofeliahaven aktiviteszone
Michael Schytt Poulsen | architect MAA

Modern interpretation of architectonic traditions

Ofeliahaven was designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter. They drew inspiration from the old houses of Helsingør, with their simplicity and distinctive roofs. The façade’s beautiful colour contrast, between the dark, coal-baked tiles and the light ones, offers a vibrant, harmonious expression. 

The eight buildings are divided into two groups of homes, which enclose the cosy courtyards, where there is room for socialisation, togetherness, relaxation and daydreaming. The placement of the buildings was carefully chosen, so as to catch as much sun as possible on the terraces and balconies, and to create sheltered common areas in the courtyards. 

A vibrant district near the forest, the beach and in the centrum of Helsingør.  

Ofeliahaven will be built in a new and vibrant district and offers housings opportunities for all generations. The area consists of a grocery store, upcoming workplaces and Nordvestskolen only 500 meters from Ofeliahaven. In the long term, the area will offer cafes, fitness facilities and medical practices.

With a rental home in Ofeliahaven, you will live in a green oasis right by the forest, ideal for jogging, quiet walks, family picnics and other good times for both the small and large family.

At the same time, you have the center of Helsingør nearby, which offers a mixture of cozy alleys with half-timbered houses and a lively city life with shops, cafes and restaurants. Helsingør also has several cultural experience opportunities such as Kronborg Castle, Kulturvæftet and the M/S Museet for Søfart.

Ofeliahaven facade

Sustainability in focus

Ofeliahaven is created based on the requirements of the recognized DGNB certification scheme. This is reflected, among other things, in the building’s solid materials, which ensures a long life and minimal maintenance.

Why choose Balder?

When you move in with Balder, you don't just get a residence, you get a home. We are with you every step of the way, from finding the right accommodation to settling into your everyday life in your new home. With us, you get something unique:

  • Shared facilities such as conservatories, rooftop terraces, and communal spaces.
  • Quick access to Balder's maintenance staff, who are ready to assist.
  • Community events such as Balder gatherings and Easter egg hunts.
  • Allowed to have a dog or cat.
  • Access to a wide range of exclusive resident benefits and discounts.



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Architect Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter
Size 2-5 rooms divided across 52 - 122 m2
Balcony/terrace In all apartments
Shared facilities Courtyard environment and orangery
Pets Possibility to get pet permits
Attractive location 2 km to the beach, 200 m to the forest, 2.5 km to Helsingør centre, 100 m to a convenience store, 500 m to a school.
Transport 3 km to the station, 2.5 km to the motorway
Parkering Shared parkering for all renters in Ofeliahaven
Storage Part of many apartments
Kitchen Invita design with energy-friendly appliances from Siemens
Heating Heated floors in all apartments

Rental terms

Deposit 3 months' rent (deposit)
Prepaid rent 1 month + 1st month's rent, incl. water and heat
Rental period Unlimited
Term of notice The period of commitment is 12 months – i.e. the lease is not terminable during the first 9 months. After this, there is a 3-month period of notice.
Rent increase Regulated in accordance with net price index + direct and indirect taxes
Number of residents The apartments can be occupied by as many adults as there is bedrooms for
All tenants will be checked in RKI. You will not be able to rent an apartment if you are registered in RKI.

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