Maintain your home


It should be easy and worry free for you to live in a Balder home. Therefore, below you will find a series of maintenance videos and guides to help you find assistance maintaining your home.

Tips and tricks for heating

There is a difference between underfloor heating and radiators when it comes to heating your home. If you have underfloor heating, it's important to be patient when looking at the display because it takes time for the temperature to adjust.

We encourage you to ventilate your home a few times a day so that the air in the home is always fresh.

Tips and tricks for floors

All Balder properties have lacquered wooden floors. You can take the best possible care of them by:

  • Using the right cleaning detergent 
  • Using a microfiber mop
  • Avoiding excessive water on the floor - wipe up spills promptly
  • Using felt pads/floor mats under furniture
  • Using a plastic mat under your office chair

Tips and tricks for balcony door

The brake on the balcony door keeps the door in place during calm weather. If it's windy, the door should be closed to avoid damage to the balcony door since the brake will not be strong enough to hold the door.

Tips and tricks for drilling and mounting

Pictures on the walls help make your Balder home truly your own. When you need to drill into the walls, remember:

  • Be mindful of electrical outlets (use a 15 cm rule of thumb)
  • Never drill into the wall adjoining the bathroom.

Tips and tricks for electrical appliances 

In a Balder home, electrical appliances are always installed. In the video below, you can learn how to:

  • Replace the bulb in your oven
  • Remove limescale from your dishwasher
  • Clean the drain of your refrigerator
  • Defrost your freezer
  • Empty your condenser dryer
  • Clean the filter of your washing machine

Tips and tricks for ventilation

Here, Martin will tell you a bit about how to replace the filter on your cooker hood and check if the cooker hood is suctioning correctly. He will also show you how to change the filter on your apartment's ventilation system. 

Tips and tricks for locks and Salto locks 

Maintenance of locks is also something you, as a tenant, should take care of. You can ensure that the key easily slides into the keyhole and doesn't cause any issues when you're trying to lock yourself in by using lock oil once a year.

Tips and tricks for the bathroom

Maintenance of the bathroom is also something you, as a tenant, should take care of.

Tips and tricks for silverfish and grey silverfish

You can read about preventing silverfish and grey silverfish here

Tips and tricks for changing the room sensor's batteries

You can read about changing the batteries in the room sensor here 

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