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A family-friendly oasis surrounded by urban life and nature

Welcome to ’Fyrkanten’, a brand-new residential property located in the new and attractive district ‘Høje Taastrup C’.

The apartments are bright and modern with functional floor plans, designed for a contemporary way of living. In ‘Fyrkanten’ you can enjoy an afternoon coffee on the unique rooftop garden in peace and quiet, while letting the children loose in the cozy courtyard. Or simply relax in one of the green areas.

‘Fyrkanten’ is drawn by the skilled architects from Mangor & Nagel. They have worked with different building heights in the design of the project, and created variation in the facades. Last but not least they created some fine masonry details and a very balanced color scheme.

‘Fyrkanten’ offers 107 apartments, ranging in size from 2-4 bedrooms, spread over 60 m2-105 m2 and will be ready in spring 2022.


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Outstanding apartments

The apartments are furnished with a large kitchen-dining area opening straight onto the balcony, where you can enjoy a quiet family morning or celebrate a big birthday party.

The heart of the apartment is the modern and stylish Invita-kitchen with handle-less, stylish design and elegant soft close doors. Here you will find a lot of cupboard space which makes it easy to keep a tidy kitchen, and the quiet dishwasher ensures a peaceful kitchen-dining area.

The best location and view

‘Fyrkanten’ has a unique location right next to a new, beautiful city park, which will be a part of your view from your new home. The property's great location also ensure that all apartments have optimal views and inflow of light. The floor plans have been optimized towards making the apartments cross-lit – which means that light falls from one side of the apartment to the other.

Stay in Høje Taastrup's new and vibrant center

You will live in the exciting district of Høje Taastrup C with a home in ‘Fyrkanten’. In a very short time, the area will be fully developed with apartments, shops, architectural town hall, the recreational urban park and last but not least the world's longest skating track.

‘Fyrkanten’ is also located by the newly renovated City2, which offers many shopping and entertainment options.

Here you also live close to good schools, institutions and workplaces. And you have a short distance to the station and the commercial life of Taastrup.

Fyrkantens unikke tagterrasse

The roof garden of ‘Fyrkanten’ - a shared oasis

You will find a unique roof garden at the top of ‘Fyrkanten’, from which you can enjoy the beautiful view of the area. The roof garden is decorated with cozy seating areas, greenhouses and a beautiful

Fyrkanten i HTC

The courtyard - the place we meet

You are welcomed by green plants and beautiful architectural details in the courtyard, where play areas for the kids and cozy sitting areas are built.

Fyrkanten café

The Café of ‘Fyrkanten’

3 commercial leases are built on the ground floor of the property, where we make every effort to find the right tenants who will bring the property to life. The main business room on the corner is pre

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What the architect says

‘Fyrkanten’ is drawn by the skilled architects from Mangor & Nagel. 

"’Fyrkanten’ will be a beautiful corner building, with an identity characterized by two common colors: a burnt red brick with a light joint, and a pine green color for the windows, balconies, balusters and flashings. This fine color palette brings our minds to the old properties in Copenhagen and the architecture of early industrialization, which was most often created using simple and precisely designed architectural instruments," says architect Jesper Skjoldborg.

A municipality with lots of options

Around Høje-Taastrup Municipality, you will also find lots of opportunities within business, education, leisure and cultural life. The municipality considers the good family life to be very important.

The municipality offers everything from modern institutions, new primary schools equipped with modern facilities and higher education to a rich urban and cultural life with libraries, theatre and music houses, cultural houses, museums, shops, cafés and restaurants.

Høje-Taastrup is also a municipality with a strong business community. The municipality has managed to attract a lot of new companies and is the Danish job growth champion. This creates lots of exciting job opportunities within the municipality.

A sustainable home

In the internationally recognized sustainability scheme DGNB, ‘Fyrkanten’ is expected to receive a gold certificate. This means that the property is built on the grounds of strict sustainability requirements, both in terms of the environment, social conditions, and the economy.

This is reflected in the property's long-lasting materials, which require minimal maintenance, energy-friendly and water-saving appliances and a good indoor climate, which is achieved through efficient ventilation, as well as good communal facilities.

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