Newly built rental apartments in Hedehusene

Lerholmen - housing with focus on everyday life

At Lerholmen you will find 2-4 room apartments built with a focus on the easy everyday life as well as with environmentally friendly solutions. The apartments are designed to create the best possible framework that suits the single, the couple and the family. The building will consist of 186 rental apartments and will be ready for move-in the fall of 2020.

The buildings in Lerholmen are designed and located to ensure a good thermal and acoustic climate. Which creates a quiet courtyard and the perfect conditions to relax. In the courtyard, the aesthetics are at the forefront, with wild plants inspired by the nearby Hedeland. A “play forest” with playground equipment made of beautiful natural materials has been established for the children. In this neighborhood, the community is the focus, which is also reflected in the large courtyard. Here, you can gather friends, family, and neighbors around the common campfire or drink coffee in the greenhouse. A common ball court has also been established where you can play a game with your new neighbors.

Welcome home in beautiful and safe surroundings – close to nature and with fantastic infrastructure that provides you with an easy and hassle-free everyday life!


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The sustainable suburb of the future

Lerholmen is located in Nærheden – a brand new district growing south of Hedehusene Station. There is room for 8000 residents and an ambition to create a suburb where there is an optimal framework for cultivating the community and the easy life. Emphasis has been placed on creating a community-oriented area with good infrastructure where you have easy access to shopping, leisure activities, work, school, public transport, and magnificent scenery. Among other things, a car-sharing service is integrated for the area's residents, which makes it possible to live in the suburb without having your own car. In addition to strengthening the community and security in the area, gym facilities, outdoor kitchens, and gardeners are built in the area.

Hear the experiences of the recidents (in Danish)

Embla og Frederik has already moved into the district Nærheden

When living in the district, Nærheden, you gain access to beautiful green spaces, great shopping opportunties, easy transport to Copenhagen, activities for the community and so much more.

The thoughts behind building Lerholmen (in Danish)

A neighbourhood build for the future

Lerholmen is located in the middle of the lively and sustainable community, Nærheden. Find out what makes the area unique and hear more about the modern homes close to nature.

Nærheden byhaven

Make life grow

Grow vegetables in the communal garden

Interact with your neighbors and grow your own vegestables, herbs or flowers in the communal garden. The area's residents can borrow a garden plot and further the area offers an outdoor kitchens with

Nærheden springcenter

Gymnastics center

Local area activity catalyst

The Gymnastics center is an active part of life in the area. Here you will find both a jumping room, a rhythm hall, a view and climbing tower as well as a parents lounge.

Hedehusene station

Close to transportation

Just a few minutes to Roskilde or Høje Taastrup

With a location close to Hedehusene Station and the Holbæk motorway, you are close to both Roskilde, Høje Taastrup and Copenhagen's city pulse with culture and shopping.

læringshus nærheden

Ny skole og institution i Nærheden

Læringshus Nærheden

I 2021 åbner Høje-Taastrup Kommune dørene op til en ambitiøs, ny skole i Nærheden. Læringshus Nærheden rummer 0.-9. klassetrin med fokus på innovation og science samt en integreret daginstitution.

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Explore Hedelandet

In short walking distance from your home in Lerholmen is the 15 km2 large Hedeland Nature Park, which offers beautiful nature experiences for young and old as well as many leisure facilities. Here, you can discover 100 km of trail systems, a fishing lake, a ski slope, an amp scene, a dog forest, vineyards, a veteran railway, a golf course, riding trails, and a natural playground. Furthermore, you will find a visitor center, a children´s mountain, a cable car, and climbing facilities – as well as magnificent scenery as far as the eye can reach.

You will also find Sejlbjerg Mose, which is a conservation area preserved to create green quality and amenity value in the new district. Here you can go for long walks, go fishing, pick herbs or simply enjoy the view.

When the winter comes you can experience Denmark's largest ski slope in Hedeland Nature Park. Here you can ski downhill on the approx. 300-meter-long ski run.

sejlbjerg mose lerholmen
lerholmen logo hedehusene
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  • Schools
  • Institutions
  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Leisure
  • Transport

Local area

  • Parks

    Kulturparken - 900 m.
    Hedeland - 1,7 km.
    Sejlbjerg Mose - 1,1 km.
  • Outdoor Life

    Communal Garden- 750 m.
    Shooting Range - 600 m.
    Riding Club - 700 m.
  • Sport

    Fitness - 600 m.
    Gymnastics center - 1 km.
    Activity Hall - 1 km.
  • Transport

    Hedehusene st. - 300 m.
    Bus Stop - 300 m.
    Main street - 500 m.
  • Eateries

    Café Moems - 400 m.
    Bollinis - 450 m.
    WokAmok - 450 m.
  • Shopping

    Fakta - 450 m.
    Netto - 550 m.
    Aldi - 600 m.
  • Institutions

    Brøndvej - 650 m.
    Stenbuen - 1 km.
    Børnehus Abc - 1,8 km.
  • School

    Hedehusene School-950 m
    Charlotte School - 1,5 km.
    Fløng School - 2,3 km.


Architect-designed Design Group Architecture
Size 2-4 rooms/58-98 m2
Balcony/terrace All apartments have either a private balcony or a private terrace
Kitchen Designa with energy-friendly appliances from Bosch Siemens
Source of heat Underfloor heating in all rooms
Storage room One belonging to each apartment
Common area Common green courtyard with a greenhouse and room for activities and relaxation
Parking Common, free parking for all residents in the area
Bicycle parking In the inner courtyard
Lift Yes, available for all apartments
Entry phone In every apartment
Pets You may apply for permission to have pets

Rental terms

Deposit 3 months rent (deposit)
Prepaid rent 1 month + 1st months rent incl. water and heat
Rental period Unlimited
Terms of notice The period of commitment is 12 months – i.e. the lease is not terminable during the first 9 months. After this, there is a 3-month period of notice.
Rent increase Regulated in accordance with net price index + direct and indirect taxes
Number of residents The apartments can be inhabited by as many adults as there is bedrooms for
All tenants will be checked in RKI. You will not be able to rent an apartment if you are registered in RKI.

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The rental process is being handled by an external realtor, Lokalbolig. If you need more information or want to book an individual or digital showing, please do not hesitate to contact them
on telephone +45 43 99 99 96
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