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In Denmark, our main focus is on rental apartments, but we additionally own six hotels as well as a few commercial properties. Below you will find an overview of all our properties in Denmark. Besides the existing properties, we also continuously build new ones. Read more about our current newbuilds.


In Denmark we own more than 3,500 rental apartments located in Copenhagen East (Østerbro), Copenhagen South-West (Havneholmen), Copenhagen South (Amager Beach and Ørestad), Hillerød, Høje Taastrup and Hedehusene. Below you can swipe between our properties and read a bit more about each of them.

Rubinhaven rendering

Rubinhaven - Høje Taastrup C

Rubinhaven consists of 124 new apartments with 1-3 bedrooms in a range of 59-100 m2. Here you will find a home for everyone; families, couples, singles and seniors alike. Move in from Nov. 2022.

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Fyrkanten - Høje Taastrup C

Fyrkanten offers 107 homes that vary in size from 2-4 rooms across 60 m2-105 m2, giving plenty of room for both families with children, couples, singles and seniors.

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Green Hills bliver en bæredygtig boligperle

Green Hills - Solrød Strand

Green Hills consists of 294 modern apartments with room for every generation, built with the visions of green thinking, aesthetics and functionality. First stage of move in expected ultimo 2022.

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TriumphByen - Espergærde

TriumphByen offers 202 newly built rental apartments, located in Espergærde close to both forest, beach, charming city life, and great cultural experiences. The 2-5 bedroom apartments cover 51-118 m2.

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TriumphHusene - Espergærde

The townhouses are on two levels, 4- and 5-bedroom, respectively, and cover 108 to 122 square metres. Each house has its own terrace, shed, and parking right outside the front door.

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Fyrkanten aften rendering

Ofeliahaven - Helsingør

Ofeliahaven will accommodate a total of 109 homes, varying in size from 2-5 bedrooms spread onto 60-120 m2. Located in Helsingør by the forest and only 2 kilometres from the beach

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Bastionens gårdrum, lejeboliger

Bastionen - Ørestad

Bastionen was built in 2020 and designed by awardwinning architects, Danielsen Architecture. Bastionens unique characteristics are the lush hanging gardens as well as green courtyard.

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Fælledkanten tagterrasse

Fælledkanten - Ørestad

Fælledkanten was built in 2019 and is located in Ørestad Syd in the first row towards Kalvebod Fælled. Fælledkanten has a huge roof terrace with three large greenhouses including an urban horticulture

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Øresund Park, boligejendom ved Amager Strand

Øresund Park - Amager Beach

The property was built in 2018 and consists of five buildings tied together by green, open courtyards. Located just 5 minutes walk from Amager Beach and overlooking the sound and Copenhagen skyline.

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Ejendom med lejeboliger på Havneholmen, Skibbroen

Skibbroen - Havneholmen

Skibbroen was built in 2016 with an ideal location - close to the city center and meanwhile with attractive views of the harbor. Spacious balconies allows residents to enjoy the view to the fullest.

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elsehus med gård

Elsehus – Ørestad

Elsehus was built in 2017 and is characterized by its unique location just by Kalvebod Fælled as well as the two large communal roof terraces, where the magnificent panoramic views can be enjoyed.

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Ejendom med lejeboliger i Ørestad syd, Hesteskoen

Hesteskoen - Ørestad

The property was built in 2015 and named after the three blocks that are placed in a horseshoe, which opens up towards Kalvebod Fælled and ensures that all apartments have a view towards the green.

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Ejendom med lejeboliger på Østerbro, Østerfælled Torv

Østerfælled Torv - Østerbro

Østerfælled was built in 1994, but has been continuously renovated. The buildings surround four, cozy courtyards with both playground and communal barbecue. A unique and quiet area in Copenhagen East.

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Ejendom med lejeboliger i Ørestad, Fælledudsigten

Fælledudsigten - Ørestad

Fælledudsigten was built in 2017 and is characterized by having a 360-degree view from sheltered balconies. The balconies protects residents from wind and weather so they can be used all year round.

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Ejendom med lejeboliger i Ørestad syd, Stævnen

Stævnen - Ørestad

Stævnen is located at the southernmost end of Ørestad. From the large balconies, there is a view of the protected green fields of Kalvebod Fælled, a nature playground, and a smaller lake.

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Varslinger vedrørende Lavetten

Lavetten - Ørestad

Lavetten was built in 2019 and located in Ørestad Syd. The property is characterized by the unique architecture, where the sloping roof ensures great amount of sunlight in the courtyard.

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Lerholmen gårdrum

Lerholmen - Hedehusene

Lerholmen was built in 2020 and is situated in the newly developed neighborhood Nærheden at Hedehusene. The apartments interior focuses on environmentally friendly solutions and modern floor plans

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Agerhusene legeplads

Agerhusene - Høje Taastrup

Agerhusene was build in 2020 and situated in the newly developed area called Høje Taastrup C. The apartments are designed by the awards winning architects, Danielsen Architecture.

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carlsbakken oppefra

Carlsbakken - Hillerød

Carlsbakken was built in 2020 and located in a visionary area in the heart of Hillerød. Carlsbakken has plenty of architectural details and thought out floor plans. Functional luxury for everyday life

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Lynghaven i Nærheden

Lynghaven - Hedehusene

At Lynghaven you will find modern and bright apartments, with sustainable solutions to the highest standards.

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We own six hotels in Denmark, all located in the centre of Copenhagen. Apart from Hotel Østerport, we do not run the hotels ourselves, but have entered into long-term lease agreements: for example, with the Ligula Hospitality Group and Nobis Hospitality Group.

Nobis Hotel

Nobis Hotel

This historic heritage building, constructed in 1903, used to house the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music. Today, it is the luxury, five-star Nobis Hotel. The hotel was refurbished in 2015.

Plaza Hotel

Plaza Hotel

The hotel is famous for its exclusive Library Bar, which has been named as one of the top five hotel bars in the world by Forbes Magazine. The hotel was last refurbished in 2018.

Mercur Hotel

Mercur Hotel

Mercur Hotel is located just 500 metres from Copenhagen Central Station and the Tivoli Gardens. Established in 1957, the hotel was refurbished in 2007.

Richmond Hotel

Richmond Hotel

The Richmond boasts a central location on Vester Farimagsgade. In addition to its 127 rooms, the hotel also features conference facilities and a breakfast restaurant.

Star Hotel

Star Hotel

The Star is a 5-storey corner hotel located in vibrant Copenhagen West (Vesterbro). Many of its 134 rooms are dormitories with bunk beds. The hotel was refurbished in 2018.

Hotel Østerport

Hotel Østerport

Balder purchased the hotel in 2016 and it was completely refurbished in 2018. Unlike the other hotels in Balder’s portfolio, this is the only hotel Balder manages using its own staff.

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We have a few commercial properties, where we have entered into long-term lease agreements with relevant business partners.


The Circus Building

The Circus Building is one of Copenhagen’s most famous cultural icons and one of the oldest of its kind in Europe. Until the 1990s, this historic building was dedicated to circus performances.

Greve autoværksted

Logistics center Greve

Service center for buses and trucks in Greve - south of Copenhagen. Rented to the company MAN.

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