FAQ - Frequently asked questions about renting a home though Balder


  • Showings
  • The move-in process
  • House rules
  • Operation, maintenance, and damage
  • Rent and lease agreement
  • Termination and vacating
How do I rent a home?

If you are considering renting a home from Balder, contact our rental department at +45 55 55 07 07 or email udlejning@balder.dk. You can also create a search agent who can send you emails every time one of our homes that matches your criteria becomes available. Last but not least, you can book a showing of a specific apartment on our website.


If you are interested in renting a home from Balder, we will gladly show you a few apartments that could suit your needs. View our available homes and contact our Rental Team at +45 55 55 07 07 or send an email to udlejning@balder.dk to arrange a showing.

Rental application

Once you have selected your upcoming Balder home, you must complete a rental application. By doing so, you ensure that we get all the necessary information for the lease agreement. 

Rental terms

Before moving into your Balder home, you must deposit an amount consisting of prepaid rent, a deposit, and the first month's rent, including on-account water and heating. If you wish to live in our property on Østerfælled Torv in Copenhagen, you must also pay contributions for resident representation and antenna. The total amount must be paid within 5 days of receiving the rental agreement.

With us, a lease must generally be terminated with a notice of 3 months + the current month. However, if you wish to move into a 1-2-bedroom apartment, or if you wish to be the first to move into one of our brand-new tenancies, there is a 12-month commitment period.

At Balder, you move into a normally renovated home. This means that all paintable surfaces of the apartment are newly painted and that the floor is lightly sanded and freshly lacquered. We expect the apartment to be returned in a similar condition upon vacating the apartment (read more about vacating costs here

Is there a residence requirement?

Yes, a requirement of residence applies to all Balder's apartments.

Storage room

Your apartment includes a storage room. This can either be located in your apartment, in a basement, in a shed, or a completely different location. No matter where it is located, this room will be about 3 m3.

Prepaid rent and deposit

You pay prepaid rent when the contract is signed, and Balder keeps the paid amount until your notice period expires. Prepaid rent can be used to pay rent during the final last month of the lease. Please note that prepaid rent only covers rent and not on-account payments for water and heating, which is why these will continue to be charged and must be paid.

The deposit is used to refurbish the apartment and any other outstanding financial debts once you have moved out of the apartment. If there is any remaining balance, the amount will be included in your vacating statement.


Can I revisit my apartment before I get the keys?

Unfortunately, we cannot generally offer access to the apartment for surveying and the like between the showing and your move-in inspection. This is in consideration of the people who currently live in the apartment or the craftsmen who are renovating the apartment. Therefore, we recommend that you take pictures and perhaps bring a tape measure at the first showing.

The move-in process
The move-in process generally

Once you have signed your rental agreement and the deposit has been paid, etc., you will receive a welcome email from your previous contact with the manager of your property. From this point on, the dialogue passes to the property manager.

Move-in inspection and handover of key fobs

The property manager will send you an appointment for a move-in inspection of your apartment. In general, the move-in inspection will take place on the 1st or 15th of the month, depending on the beginning of the contract. If the beginning of the lease falls on a weekend or public holiday, you can expect the move-in inspection to be held on the next working day after that.

Move-in inspection is the time of the handover of key fobs and, therefore, also for an inspection of your apartment to review the kundeservice@balder.dk.


Move-in report

At the time of the move-in inspection, a digital move-in report will be prepared as documentation of the apartment's condition when you receive the key fobs and thus the responsibility for the apartment. At this point, you are more than welcome to inspect the apartment to make sure that together we have noted all

Registration with an electricity supplier

If you have not already registered for electricity with an electricity supplier, we will assist you with enrolment when moving in. We are happy to do this free of charge, and you will, of course, receive a copy of the email with which you are enrolled.

If you want to register with a self-selected electricity supplier, you can do this. Please note that registration must be made within 14 days of receiving the keys to the apartment.

Defects and deficiencies (reporting)

After receiving the keys to your new home, you have 14 days to report any faults and defects in the apartment. This is to ensure that you will not be held liable for these when moving out.

We recommend doing a thorough inspection in the days after receiving the key fobs, and preferably before you move in your furniture and other personal effects. Regularly update the online faults and defects list, so the time of registration gets saved. You are welcome to take pictures for your own use, but only send them if its requested.

Visible faults and defects should be registered during the move-in inspection and will therefore not be accepted on the list.

Examples of faults and defects you should report:

  • Doors with scrapes or not closing properly
  • Loose panels
  • Cracked tiles
  • Hanging cabinet doors or not closing properly
  • Cracked joints between tiles
  • Broken surfaces e.g., on countertops or cabinet doors.

Examples of what should not be registered as a fault or defect:

  • Overpainted irregularities in the paint job.
  • Knots and irregularities underneath the floor varnish.
  • Paint splashes on floors or other surfaces.
  • Cosmetic flaws on the outer part of the front door and panel.
  • Bumps and scratches in the painted/varnished surfaces – if the surface is intact.

You will never be liable for faults and defects that clearly can be attributed to the execution of works done prior to your move in. For example, a crack in the wall.

The online faults and defects list closes on the 14th day at 23.59 and will automatically be sent to us. We will go through the list, and you will receive a final overview with our comments. We reserve the right to ask for additional photos for the final assessment of a reported fault or defect. 

NOTE! Malfunctions on home appliances, heating, ventilation etc. should not be on faults and defects list but should be reported directly to Balder’s customer service at kundeservice@balder.dk

Internet access

When you move into your new apartment, often there is a great desire to establish an internet connection as soon as possible after the handover of key fobs. Our properties offer YouSee or TDC internet connections, but you may choose freely between the many  Internet service providers on the market. You can request available connection options from your desired provider.

Internet Installation

In most of our apartments, you will find your internet plug in the apartment's technical shaft, alternatively, near the TV plug-in.


At several of our properties, we have our own car parking garages, but at others, we have to refer to other options. Call +45 8813 6151 or email kundeservice@balder.dk to learn more about the options near your address.

I rent a parking space in one of Balder's car parking garages but would like to switch parking spaces; what do I do?

If you already rent a parking space from Balder but want to switch to another parking space, for example, closer to your stairwell, an administrative fee of DKK 500 will apply. You must contact your property manager, who can provide more information about the possibilities.

House rules
House Order generally

You live in an apartment building and therefore close to your neighbours. For this reason, there are some rules that must be followed so that everyone can feel as undisturbed as possible in their home. You can find the house rules here: 

House rules


Pets and dog walking

If you wish to share your home with a four-legged friend, we ask you to apply for permission to do so. You can find the application including the terms here

At Balder, we allow you to keep one pet in your apartment, and it can weigh a maximum of 40 kg.

We don't allow fighting dogs.

Unfortunately, cats are not allowed in ground floor apartments because they can be a nuisance to the neighbours if they get out and roam around.

If we have permitted you to keep a pet, it is, of course, a prerequisite that the pet is not a nuisance to your neighbours. Especially pay attention to the sound and smell of your tenancy and remember that you are not allowed to walk your dog and cat in the courtyard areas of the property and that, of course, any waste must always be picked up immediately.


Waste must be disposed of in the designated environmental stations and through the waste shaft, provided that the property is equipped with such.

The waste shaft is approved only for 15-litre bags filled with ordinary household waste.

The waste shaft cannot handle cardboard pizza trays, advertisements, textiles, bottles, and the like (this list is not exhaustive), as these effects can cause clogging of the shaft. If you have waste other than household waste in 15-litre bags, dispose of it in the property's environmental station.

Bulky waste

At some of our properties, we offer access to bulky waste disposal. At other properties, we must refer to the nearest municipal recycling station. For more information contact our customer service at kundeservice@balder.dk or phone no. +45 55 55 07 07.

Terraces and balconies

If you have an exclusive right of use for your own terrace or balcony, the maintenance of the area is part of your maintenance obligation. When cleaning a balcony, we must encourage minimal use of water so that the downstairs neighbour is bothered as little as possible. The same applies to watering any outdoor plants.

At some of our properties, you can get approval to mount shielding on terraces and balconies. Contact us to learn more at kundeservice@balder.dk or phone no. +45 8813 6151.

Grills on terraces and balconies

It is permitted to use a gas or electric grill on all our terraces and balconies.

Can I mount something to the wall?

No, unfortunately, it is not allowed to mount anything to the exterior façade of the property, nor is it allowed to set up a satellite dish.



Under the fire authorities' rules, it is only allowed to have one doormat lying in the stairwell, and thus, it is not allowed to have other belongings standing or lying in the stairwell. Therefore, we ask all residents to keep all possessions inside their apartment.

Also, remember that the stairwell is often made of concrete elements, which means that noise, to a greater extent, seems louder than usual. Therefore, staying in the stairwell should be kept to a minimum.

How often is my stairwell cleaned?

The property is equipped with an elevator, why the lower floors of the stairs are used more than the upper ones. Therefore, more frequent cleaning of the lower floors of the stairwell is required than the rest, where there is significantly less traffic.

Generally, you can expect that the stairwell will be cleaned, including swept/vacuumed and washed once a week from the basement floor to the 3rd floor. From the 3rd floor and up is cleaned once a month.

If you experience, contrary to expectations, that your stairwell is not being cleaned as described, we would like to hear from you. Send an email to Customer Service at kundeservice@balder.dk and note the address of the stairwell, as well as your observations.

My bike has been stolen. What do I do?

We are sorry to learn that your bike has been stolen, and we refer you to report the theft of your bike to the police and your insurance company. Also, we appreciate that you notify us of this, as we will make a note of it in our history of the property.

Can I rent out my apartment through Airbnb?

No, unfortunately, we do not allow that you rent out the apartments through Airbnb and similar arrangements


Can I rent out my apartment through Airbnb?

No, unfortunately, we do not allow the rental of our apartments through Airbnb and similar schemes.


Smoking is not permitted in the property's common area, and you should consider your neighbours in all respects if you smoke in your apartment.

Good-neighbourliness (noise)

People are different and live different lives. And, of course, there is room for this in Balder's properties, as long as consideration for the neighbours is shown. Therefore, for the sake of good-neighbourliness in the property, a framework for noisy behaviour is set in the house order:

  • Craftwork must be carried out between 8:00 and 20:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 20:00 on weekends and public holidays.
  • Parties, playing music, and noisy activities in the residential part must take place behind closed doors and windows. Music and noisy activities must be turned down on Fridays and Saturdays after 23:00. On all other days, no loud music or noisy behaviour may occur after 21:00.

If you find that your neighbour has difficulty complying with the house order, including the above, we encourage you to contact your neighbour and talk about the matter calmly before contacting us. If your inquiries to the neighbour have no effect, you are, of course, welcome to contact us at kundeservice@balder.dk.

Common rooms

Balder has a few common rooms in your immediate area. Contact us at kundeservice@balder.dk for more information on price and terms.

Operation, maintenance, and damage

During your lease period, you may encounter something unforeseen that needs to be repaired or replaced. Fortunately, you live in a rental property, which means that the repair cost is often paid by Balder – provided, of course, that necessary cleaning and maintenance has been carried out during the lease period. You can find the maintenance instructions for your apartment here:



If you have children, a new roomie or your girlfriend moves into your apartment, and you will probably want to change the nameplate on your mailbox, for example. To preserve a consistent appearance of the property, contact Balder at kundeservice@balder.dk with information on your wishes for the signage (not just the change). 

Keys and key tokens

Salto locks provide you a secure electronic lock you open using a key fob. 

You can read more about Salto locks here

You can order key tokens by sending an email to kundeservice@balder.dk with your full name and address. A key token costs DKK 150. The amount will be charged with the rent.

We will contact you when your keys/key tokens are ready for pickup at the nearest property office.

All keys and key tokens provided must be returned upon vacating the apartment. If all keys and key tokens are not returned, you will pay for the resetting of locks and new keys/key tokens.

Hanging of curtains and ceiling lamps

If you want to mount lamps in the ceiling and curtains for the windows, you just drill the necessary holes for that purpose. We advise against drilling holes in the woodwork/installing curtains in the window frames and encourage setting up curtains in the clearing instead.

Other mountings on walls

When you want to mount or hang something on your walls, in some places, you need to be extra careful because cables and pipes may be installed in the walls. You can read more about this on page 4 of the maintenance manual.

Especially be aware that no holes may be drilled in bathroom walls.


Smoke detector

In a home provided by Balder, you should be able to feel safe from day one. Therefore, your apartment is already equipped with a smoke detector when you move in. To ensure that the smoke detector works, it is equipped with both a battery and connected to the power supply. When the battery runs out of power, the smoke alarm will start beeping at regular intervals. We ask you to replace the battery when this happens. Read more on page 8 of the maintenance manual.


Furniture and appliances

At your move-in, your apartment is furnished with kitchen and bathroom furniture as well as appliances owned by Balder. This means that if a defect occurs on these items, they will be repaired/replaced by Balder if the defect is due to wear and tear. If, on the other hand, a defect has occurred as a result of a lack of maintenance/cleaning, the cost of repair/replacement will be paid by you.

Manuals for appliances

If the physical manuals for the appliances are no longer available, you can find the manuals for use by using the appliance's E No. here

You will usually find the E number on the inside of the appliance. You can see an example on the website mentioned above.



Your radiator/underfloor heating is connected to a common heating system, which is set to deliver heating when the outside temperature is on average below 15 degrees. This means that you will not be able to get heating from your radiators in the warm winter months. The heating elements are equipped with thermostats that help adjust the heating according to the room's temperature.

Damage has occurred; what do I do?

If an issue occurs, for instance, damages to the apartment, and you would like our help to repair it, you can contact Customer Service at +45 8813 6151 or by email kundeservice@balder.dk. Customer Service will help you schedule an appointment with one of our skilled operating technicians, who will visit you for further inspection and assessment of what to do. You will be contacted before the visit.

If damage occurs outside of Balder's opening hours

If an ACUTE problem occurs on the property or in your apartment outside our normal opening hours, you can call Balder Akut every day of the week between 15:00 and 08:00. Balder Akut’s phone number is +45 7020 0092.

Operating status

On our website, you can find the operating status of the property you live in. If you experience, for instance, that there is no hot water or the like, you can find the status of the property here

Of course, you can always contact Customer Service at phone number +45 8813 6151 or by email kundeservice@balder.dk

Maintenance manuals
Rent and lease agreement

The lease agreement is the formal basis for our relationship with you. The lease agreement is drawn up based on a standard form, and you may find it difficult to understand. We hope we can help you clarify your questions below.

My apartment is smaller than it says in my lease agreement

In addition to your interior floor area, the area of your tenancy also includes an area for inner and outer walls as well as a share of the property's common areas.

For example, if you want to put carpets on your floors, it is a good idea to measure the floor area so that you have the exact interior dimensions of the rooms in question.

Payment of rent

Section 3 of your lease agreement states the rent agreed for your apartment. The rent payments are expected to be paid on the 1st of each month.

We recommend that you sign up for the rent to be paid via BetalingsService. By doing so, you ensure that your rent is always paid on time and without any deviations. Once you have signed up for the rent to be paid via BetalingsService, you can always see an itemisation of what we charge by clicking on the transaction in your online banking.

REMEMBER that your payment of rent via BetalingsService is not active until the following month's charge. Therefore, remember to pay the sent invoice using the FI code.

On-account water and heating

On-account water and heating contributions are an estimated amount that is attributed to the rent. The fact that the amounts are estimated and on account means that the payments are aggregated during the financial year (find the financial year in section 5 of your lease agreement) and are compared with the actual consumption after the end of the financial year. Your actual consumption is measured with individual meters in your apartment. You can expect to receive your water and heating statement up to 5 months after the end of the accounting period.

If you have consumed less water and/or heating than what you paid for on account, you will have the profits offset against future payment of rent.

If you have consumed more water and/or heating than what you paid for on account, you will be charged back payment via the collection of rent.


Unlike on-account water and heating, which are part of your monthly payment of rent, electricity is an independent contractual relationship directly between you and the electricity supplier. Therefore, Balder cannot answer questions about the electricity agreement. Instead, contact your electricity supplier.

At the time of moving in, we offer to help you register with an electricity supplier, but then the dialogue will be between you and the supplier.

Deposit and prepaid rent

Prepaid rent is kept by Balder until your notice period. Prepaid rent is used solely for the payment of rent in the absolute last months of the tenancy. Please note that prepaid rent covers only rent and not on-account payments for water and heating, which is why these will continue to be charged and expected to be paid.

The deposit is used for the renovation of the apartment and any other financial outstanding debts at the end of the lease. If there is any remaining balance, the amount will be included in your vacating statement.

Adjustment of the rent by the net price index

Every 1 January, your rent will be adjusted by the increase in the net price index from October to October, cf. Section 11 of the lease agreement.

When your rent is adjusted, your prepaid rent and deposit will be adjusted accordingly. This means that if you have prepaid rent equivalent to, for instance, one month's rent and deposit equal to three months’ rent, and your monthly rent is adjusted by DKK 100 per month, then your prepaid rent will also be increased by DKK 100. (1 month x DKK 100) and the deposit is increased by DKK 300. (3 months x DKK 100).

The adjustment is made over a maximum of three months, depending on what the payments equal. In the example above, the adjustments will typically be charged as follows:





April - December

Rent, DKK

11,000 + 100

11,000 + 100

11,000 + 100


Prepaid rent, DKK





Deposit, DKK.





Total excluding on-account water and heat, DKK







My roommate is moving out (and a new is one moving in?). What do I need to do?

If you are two people on the lease agreement and one party wishes to vacate, we can prepare a supplement to the lease, which frees the vacating tenant of any tenancy obligations. However, this is provided that the remaining tenant's finances are sufficient to pay the rent single-handily.

Alternatively, we can add another person to the vacating party's place, so two people remain on the lease agreement.

It is a concrete assessment on a case-by-case basis, and a fee of DKK 1,200 will be charged along with your rent. Contact us for further clarification at kundeservice@balder.dk.

Can my subletter take over my apartment?

Yes, it is a possibility, but it requires first of all that your subletter starts over in the application process, so we receive all information to be used for a new lease. See more in the top section of the FAQ under "How do I rent a home?".

Please note that if your subletter signs a new lease with us regarding your apartment, we will ask you to vacate and renovate the apartment prior to the new tenant moving in.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pass on the apartment without prior renovation/relocation and a new lease agreement.

Termination and vacating
Termination and vacating

If you are considering terminating your lease agreement, you can read more about how this is done here

Vacating statement

We strive to prepare your vacating statement as soon as possible and expect to send it to your most recent stated email address within 6-8 weeks of the contractual release date (not the same date as the date of vacating).

Your vacating statement will include the deposit, the cost of refurbishment (the craftsmen's invoices will be attached), any financial outstanding debts, and any amount withheld for water and heating.

If you vacate in the middle of a water and heating accounting period, you will receive a statement for the water and heating shortly after the regular annual accounts have been prepared by the metering company. Therefore, you cannot expect to receive the statement for water and heating along with your vacating statement.

When vacating the apartment, the meter company charges a transfer fee for the final settlement. The fee will be included in the final statement for water and heating.

On the vacating statement, you will also see that we withhold one amount for water and one amount for heating. The amounts are a security for your consumption until the final accounts for water and heating are available from the metering company.

The amounts withheld are based on your previous consumption and the time of year you move out, and they must also cover a relocation fee to the metering company.

When the inventory for water and heat is available, we set off the withheld or water and heating in the statement. If your statement shows that you are entitled to money back for water and heating, you will receive the amount together with the withheld amount. If the withheld amount does not cover the amount you have to pay, you will receive an invoice on the amount due after offsetting against the withheld amount.

Ejner og Heidi

Many questions can arise in relation to your new home – from the rental contract to house order, maintenance and vacating.

On this page we have gathered the answer to some of the questions that often arise. You are of course very welcome to contact us, if you don't find the answer to your question.