Rental apartments in Hundige

Modern rental apartments with a central location

With its large, bright surfaces and sophisticated architecture, Strandby Høje has become a new landmark for the area. The top apartments offer spectacular views of the entire new Hundige Strandby district. Beautiful homes, in all sizes and for all needs, create the framework for a functional and cosy everyday life. Green breathing spaces surround the building and provide room for activity and play.

The property is designed by the award-winning studio Danielsen Architecture and offers 289 homes ranging in size from 1 to 4 rooms, ranging from 42 to 136 square meters – thus catering to everyone's taste. Young couples, singles, and families with children will find attractive housing options here, located in the heart of Hundige – with shopping and culture on one side and nature and the beach on the other. With the train right outside the door, you can reach Copenhagen in just 30 minutes.

The apartments are designed with a focus on functionality and, most importantly, quality of life. Look forward to enjoying a quiet moment on the large balcony, cooking delicious dinners for the whole family in the stylish Svane kitchen, and letting the children loose in the courtyard's play areas.

Expected move-in date is mid-2024.

Welcome home to Strandby Høje!


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Find the home that's right for you

Our space needs can change over time and sometimes you may need to "upsize" or "downsize" the apartment size to fit your needs in life. Strandby Høje consists of 289 apartments of different sizes, and all apartments offer a clean, Nordic style with functional layouts and luxurious materials.

In Strandby Høje, the kitchen-family room is the natural centre of the apartment with space for everyday life. The open-plan family room and large floor-to-ceiling windows provide light and air to play with a multifunctional interior design. There's room for cooking, couch time, and homework. From the kitchen-family room there is also direct access to the balcony, in some apartments there are actually two, with room for both barbecues and herb gardens. The kitchen-family room is painted in light Nordic shades with oak flooring and white kitchen units with integrated appliances.

A beautiful combination of design and function

The well-designed Swan kitchen exudes everyday luxury in the form of integrated, energy-efficient and silent appliances from Gram. The low-noise cooker hood also ensures a good indoor climate in the open-plan kitchen-family room.

The ample counter and cabinet space make it easy to keep a tidy kitchen. In several of the apartments, the layout allows for seating for homework or work from home – or just a cosy conversation while cooking.


SBHØ fælleslokale (2)

Cosy common room

Do you need more space for events such as celebrating a birthday or gathering the winter bathing club for a general meeting? You can make use of the 68 sqm common room.

Strandby Høje bygninger

Modern architectural lines.

The angles of the buildings provide bright spaces and the sloping roofs give the upper apartments an extra architectural detail.


Green garden spaces with room for young and old

Strandby Høje's green common areas are located as exciting green wedges between the buildings. Trees and lush green planting frame small seating areas where you can enjoy a cup of coffee

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Danielsen Architecture Strandby Høje

According to Kasper Danielsen, founder of Danielsen Architecture, "Strandby Høje will become an architectural landmark for Greve as well as a benchmark for visionary urban development. The property is characterized by its bright expression achieved with light and earthy shades of brick, and its sloping, green roof surfaces. Around the buildings, we are creating recreational green areas with play elements and peaceful seating areas."

A brand new and vibrant neighborhood

The new and dynamic neighborhood of Hundige Strandby is created with a focus on safety and community.

In the area, there are a variety of different types of homes that are suitable for singles, families, and seniors. Between the homes, there are recreational green areas that invite residents to meet and socialize across age groups. Children can play in the playgrounds, and adults can relax in the peaceful areas.

Responsible construction

Strandby Høje is for pre-certified gold in the DGNB scheme. This means that the building contains a number of measures that help reduce the environmental footprint, such as electricity, water and heat-saving solutions that also benefit you as a resident. In addition, it is built with materials that have a long lifespan, low maintenance and a small carbon footprint. DGNB is also used as a benchmark to evaluate a building or urban area through a number of criteria, including environmental, economic and social sustainability as well as process qualities.

The green areas have a LAR (Local drainage of rainwater) solution, which serves a multifunctional purpose at Strandby Høje. The LAR solution prevents flooding of both the basements and the area's sewers during cloudbursts and is also good for biodiversity in the green area, as it attracts natural wildlife. 

Glade beboere

Why choose Balder?

When you move in with Balder, you don't just get a residence, you get a home. We are with you every step of the way, from finding the right accommodation to settling into your everyday life in your new home. With us, you get something unique:

  • Shared facilities such as conservatories, rooftop terraces, and communal spaces.
  • Quick access to Balder's maintenance staff, who are ready to assist.
  • Community events such as Balder gatherings and Easter egg hunts.
  • Allowed to have a dog or cat.
  • Access to a wide range of exclusive resident benefits and discounts.



  • Available residences
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  • Under construction

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Size 42-136 sqm
Number of floors 5 to 6
Balcony/terrace All apartments have a balcony or terrace
Kitchen Svane Køkken
Floor heating Yes
Heat source District heating
Elevator Yes
Door phone with camera Yes
Common areas Yes, common areas as well as play areas in both the southern and northern properties.
Parking Yes, both on ground level and in the basement. There is a fee for parking on the property.
Bike parking Yes
Pets 1 pet per apartment, no cats in ground floor apartments, no reptiles or fight dogs.

Rental terms

Deposit 3 months
Prepaid rent 1 month
Term of notice The period of commitment is 12 months – i.e., the lease is not terminable during the first 9 months. After this, there is a 3-month period of notice.
Rent increase Regulated in accordance with net price index + direct and indirect taxes from 2024
Payment Payment of deposit, prepaid rent, and first month's rent must be made within 5 days.
Co-housing or communal living arrangement No
All tenants will be checked in RKI and must have no criminal record. You will not be able to rent an apartment if you are registered in RKI and/or have a criminal record.

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