Why choose a Balder-home


We work hard to ensure that you get an easy everyday life with lots of quality and joy, when living in a Balder-home. We have staff at all our properties who are ready to help you, we arrange events so you can get to know the neighbors and us. In addition, you will also discover that we care about the details - both in the apartments, the outdoor areas and the other common facilities.

There are many good reasons to choose a Balder-home, and you can read more about them here.

Get an easy everyday life

All our properties have their own key account manager and technician, who ensures that you never have to fix a problem on your own. It can be a dripping faucet, a clattering front door or borrowing a common room. They are here for you.

With us, you also do not have to worry about mowing the lawn, plants that need to be watered, or cleaning windows. We fix it all for you. All that means you have more time to do the things you love.

Below you will find a selection of our employees, who will do their best to make everyday life easy for you.

Balder benefits

As our customer, we offer you Balder Benefits, where you can get discounts at various companies. We hope these can create extra value for you in your everyday life. Among other things, you will receive discounts on dog food, help to legal matters as well as fitness membership at a lower cost.  

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Room for your four-legged friend

We know that pets can be an incredibly important part of the family. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to apply for a pet permit - so the whole family can be together.


Unlimited rental period

You can basically stay in your Balder-home as long as you want. Therefore you do not have to worry about having to go out and find a new home again in just one or two years.


We have permanent staff on all properties

We have permanent staff attached to all our properties to ensure a present and efficient administration. We would like to make sure that you are never left to solve and unexpected problem on your own.

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Community and happiness

We want to create attractive outdoor areas and common facilities at all our properties. Among other things you see that in the courtyards with facilities for several generations, cozy common rooms, roof terraces, greenhouses and much more. It is different what our properties contain of wonderful facilities, but we assure you that we have made a special effort at every property, so you and the family can enjoy life and feel joy here. You can read more about the individual properties and their special characteristics here.

All our properties are located in attractive neighborhoods, most often close to nature, city life, public transport, shopping opportunities, workplaces, institutions and not least Copenhagen.

Here you and the family have everything you need just around the corner.

Cozy events that bring people closer

We love to make our residents happy and contribute to the community. That is why we hold cozy resident events, it can e.g. be courtyard concerts or summer events with ice cream, balloon animals and face painting.

In the video, we take you to Balder's Christmas at Experimentarium, where we hosted an enchanting Christmas event for our residents.


What do our residents think about living in Balder-home?

“I am super happy with our new and bright apartment in Fælledkanten. I love the large roof terrace, where you have the most beautiful view over the nature. I have among other things held a birthday party for my friends here. I also really appreciate my neighbors and the good community we have,” says Anne-Mette, who lives in Fælledkanten with her boyfriend and dog."

A home with a focus on good materials

Your health is a top priority when we build properties. This is, among other things, expressed in efficient and energy-saving installations as well as environmentally friendly and healthy materials that contribute to a good indoor climate. We also work with solar cells, which contribute to the green transformation and help to reduce the energy consumption in the property, as well as sustainable rainwater management, which spares the sewers in the local communities and reduces the risk of flooding.


In addition, we have a goal that all new properties that are built in 2021 or later must be certified according to the sustainability scheme DGNB, which contains high requirements for sustainability.

See our properties




The residential property Torveporten is located at the former Grønttorv in Valby. The property, with its central location, comprises over 170 quality residences with 2-5 rooms ranging from 54-125 sqm

Read more about Torveporten
Fælledkanten tagterrasse



Live in the first row next to Kalvebod Fælled. Fælledkanten is built in 2019 and accommodate apartments with 2-5 rooms. The property had a luxurious roof terrace with three greenhouses.

Read more about Fælledkanten
Elsehus i Ørestad



Elsehus was built in 2017 and consists of apartments and terraced houses with 2-5 rooms. Here you get to live in the first row to Kalvebod Fælled. And you get access to large roof terraces.

Read more about Elsehus
Bastionen i Ørestad



In Bastionen you will find 233 apartments established in 2020. The large green courtyard with orangery and several play areas forms the focal point of the beautiful building.

Read more about Bastionen
Lavetten i Ørestad



At Lavetten you will find 241 newly built rental homes in a unique architect-designed property from 2019. In the middle of Lavetten you will find a large open area with quiet zones and play areas.

Read more about Lavetten
Fælledudsigten i Ørestad



Fælledudsigten is built in 2017 and offers apartments with 2-4 rooms with covered balconies that screen against wind and weather, so that the balcony season can be extended.

Read more about Fælledudsigten



Hesteskoen which was built in 2015, and the name is inspired the three buildings which are situated in a horseshoe that opens towards Kalvebod Fælled.

Read more about Hesteskoen



Stævnen is built in 2016 and has a location with a clear view of the protected area at Kalvebod Fælled and Himmelhøj nature playground. The apartments with 2-5 rooms contains balconies.

Read more about Stævnen
Øresund Park

Amager Strand

Øresund Park

Here you will find energy-efficient apartments with 2-6 rooms, and you will only be 5 minutes away from Amager Strand. The property was built in 2018 and consists five buildings with green courtyards.

read more about Øresund Park
Skibbroen på Havneholmen



Skibbroen is built in 2016 with an ideal location and attractive view of the harbor environment and cozy atmosphere. Here you find apartments with 1-5 rooms and spacious balconies.

Read more about Skibbroen
Lerholmen gårdareal



The apartments in Lerholmen were built in 2020 with a focus on the easy everyday life and eco-friendly solutions. Here you will find a courtyard with a greenhouse, play areas and much more.

Read more about lerholmen
Agerhusene I Høje Taastrup

Høje Taastrup


I Agerhusene finder du lejeboliger på 2-4 værelser opført i 2020. Ejendommen består af otte klyngehuse med to grønne gårdrum. Her får du funktionel hverdags-luksus.

Read more about agerhusene



Carlsbakken was built in 2020 in a visionary area in the heart of Hillerød. The property has beautiful, rounded corners and the 127 apartments has well-thought-out floor plans.

Read more about Carlsbakken
Østerfælled Torv


Østerfælled Torv

Østerfælled was built in 1994 but is continuously renovated. The buildings are surrounded by four cozy courtyards with both playgrounds and communal grill. A unique and quiet area next to Fælledparken

Read more about Østerfælled
Rubinhaven gårdareal

Høje Taastrup C


Rubinhaven consists of 124 new apartments with 1-3 bedrooms in a range of 59-100 m2. Here you will find a home for everyone; families, couples, singles and seniors alike. Move in from Nov. 2022.

Learn more about Rubinhaven
Fyrkanten gårdrum og taghave

Høje Taastrup C


Fyrkanten offers 107 homes that vary in size from 2-4 rooms across 60 m2-105 m2, giving plenty of room for both families with children, couples, singles and seniors.

Learn more about Fyrkanten
Green Hills eksteriør

Solrød Strand

Green Hills

Green Hills consists of 294 modern apartments with room for every generation, built with the visions of green thinking, aesthetics and functionality. First stage of move in expected ultimo 2022.

Read more on Green Hills
Ofeliahaven eksteriør



Ofeliahaven will accommodate a total of 109 homes, varying in size from 2-5 bedrooms spread onto 60-120 m2. Located in Helsingør by the forest and only 2 kilometres from the beach

Read more on Ofeliahaven
Lynghaven eksteriør



At Lynghaven you will find modern and bright apartments, with sustainable solutions to the highest standards.

Read more on Lynghaven


Strandby Høje

Strandby Høje is an architectural landmark for the entire Hundige area. The project will encompass 289 residences, varying in size from 1 to 4 rooms.

Read more about Strandby Høje
Strandby Huse


Strandby Huse

Strandby Huse consists of 3 tower blocks with 4 floors each. The property comprises 48 homes with 2-3 rooms, ranging from 52 to 71 square meters

Read more about Strandby Huse



TriumphByen offers 202 newly built rental apartments, located in Espergærde close to both forest, beach, charming city life, and great cultural experiences. The 2-5 bedroom apartments cover 51-118 sqm

Read more about TriumphByen



39 Architect-designed condominiums with light, air, and quality of life in every square metre

Read more about TriumphHusene
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