Vacating the tenancy

We are sorry that you are considering vacating the tenancy. To help you through the process of vacating, we have prepared an overview of the information that is important to consider or be aware of before you vacate the tenancy. 

Termination of the lease agreement

It is a good idea to contact us well in advance of vacating the tenancy. Under section 11 of the lease agreement, you must terminate the lease with a notice of current month + 3 months, and you must vacate the tenancy no later than 10 full working days before the end of the termination period to allow for renovation of the tenancy. 

If you want us to lease the tenancy to someone else by another date than your normal termination date, you must provide a precise date of vacating the tenancy, which must be 10 full working days before the 1st or 15th of the month. We will then try to lease the tenancy to someone else by the desired date. If we do not find a new tenant to lease the tenancy by the desired date, you will continue to be liable until the release date. 


If you terminate the lease before 1 April (no later than 31 March), you will be liable for 3 months rent until 30 June. 30 June is the release date from the lease. As we need 10 full business days for renovation, you must have vacated the tenancy by 14 June. 


Termination of your lease must be done via the link below and cannot be done over the phone.

Please fill out your termination form via the link below, which must be signed with NemID/MitID. Through the link, you will be guided through the termination form regarding important dates regarding your move-out. Subsequently, you will receive an email where you must sign your termination form with NemID/MitID. If there are multiple legal tenants, both tenants must sign this form.

Note, however, that termination of your lease is binding and generally cannot be revoked.



  • Be aware of
Be aware of
Lease commitment period

Under the lease agreement, you may have a lease commitment period which will be specified in your lease agreement. You can find the information at the beginning of section 11, just as it is specified how long your commitment period, if any, is. If you have a 12-month commitment period, the lease must be terminated before the end of the 9th month, as the remaining 3 months will be your notice period. 

If you wish to terminate your lease during the commitment period, we will, of course, try to lease the tenancy to someone else as soon as possible. In case of termination during the commitment period, you will have to pay a fee for leasing the tenancy to someone else, equal to the brokerage fee that Balder Danmark pays to the external broker. 

Deposit and prepaid rent

The deposit is used for renovating the tenancy. If the entire deposit is not used for renovation, the remainder will be offset against the vacating statement. The vacating statement is expected to be ready within 6-8 weeks from the release date and will be sent by email. 

You have prepaid rent for either one or three months. The prepaid rent is used for the last month(s) of the lease period. The prepaid rent only covers the rent and, therefore, you must continue to pay the other expenses such as on-account heating and water etc. 

Electricity, water and heating

You are liable for electricity, water and heat until the day you are released from the lease agreement.

With regard to electricity, water and heat, an inspector will make a final reading at your removal inspection. The inspector subsequently notifies the suppliers of this, and therefore you do not have to cancel this yourself.

Showing the tenancy and handing over a key fob for showings

We need a key fob for showings during the notice period. The key fob must be handed in no later than 1 week after the lease has been terminated. The key fob can be handed over at the property office on the property. 

Showings are carried out by Balder's rental team or an external broker and typically take place between 08:00-17:00 on weekdays. You will be notified no later than the day before. 

Vacating inspection

The vacating inspection will be carried out at a time that we will set. In some cases, the time can be changed by contacting customer service by email:

At the time of the vacating inspection, you must hand over all the key fobs to the apartment. After the vacating inspection, you no longer have access to the apartment. If one or more key fobs are missing, we will have to change the locks to protect the prospective tenants. Expenses related to changing the lock are borne by the vacating tenant. 

NOTE: If you do not attend the vacating inspection, you will be charged a fee of DKK 1,850.00. If the inspection cannot subsequently be carried out so that we have 10 full working days for renovation cf. above, you will be charged rent for the days missing. 


According to Section 11 of the lease, the rented flat must be handed over in the same condition as it was received. The assessment of the condition of the rented flat is conducted at the move-out inspection. During the inspection, our inspector will review the flat with you or your representative, and a move-out report will be prepared. If the rented flat is not handed over in the same condition as it was received, Balder will commission renovation work from external vendors. The move-out report will state which work, if any, is to be carried out at the tenant's expense.

We recommend that you have the flat refurbished by craftsmen appointed by Balder.

Below, you will find a price list, including VAT, for the work included in a refurbishment:

Work to be completedPrice expressed DKK incl. VAT  
Painting of walls and ceiling surfaces, living room and bedroom87,50 pr. m2
Painting of wall and ceiling surfaces, kitchen and bathroom125,00 pr. m2
Painting of woodwork – skirting boards, frames43,75 pr. lb. meter
Painting of windows375,00 pr. window
Painting of bores562,50 pr. bore
Treatment of walls and ceilings with rafters50,- pr. m2
Sanding of floor93,75 pr. m2
Machine sanding of floors193,75 pr. m2
Sanding of doorsteps81,25 pr. doorstep
Cleaning431,25 pr. hour
Window cleaningFrom 556,25  pr. tenancy

Please note that there may be other move-out costs in addition to those mentioned above, including the following examples:

  • Replacement of halogen bulbs in the kitchen and the bathroom
  • Scratches and dents in cupboard doors
  • Removal of abandoned belongings, such as curtains, lamps, etc.
  • General non-performance
  • Smoking in the rented flat
  • Damage to flooring, making sanding or machine polishing insufficient


Do you wish to do the refurbishment yourself?

If you wish to carry out all or part of the refurbishment yourself, the work must be completed to an appropriate state of repair before the inspection of the flat takes place. Below, you can find information on cleaning, flooring and painting items, which we require you to complete if you wish to undertake the refurbishment yourself.


The entire flat needs to be cleaned. Cleaning includes the following:

  • Vacuuming and floor-washing
  • Wiping of surfaces
  • Wiping of doors and frames
  • Cleaning of built-in cupboards
  • Cleaning and descaling of bathroom (toilet, tiles, fixtures, sink and shower cabinet)
  • Cleaning and descaling of domestic appliances (hotplates, oven, cooker hood, cooker hood filter, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer)
  • Drain cleaning
  • Cleaning of windows, inside and outside
  • All basement rooms must be emptied
  • All blown light bulbs must be replaced


Miscellaneous potential extra costs:

  • Removal of abandoned curtains, slats and/or blinds
  • Removal of any belongings left in the rented premises and basement rooms


If you live at Stævnen, Østerfælled Torv, Hesteskoen, Fælledkanten, Carlsbakken and Agerhusene, the following items must be used:


  • Walls and ceilings: Flugger Pro 5. SO500-N (off-white). 
  • Woodwork: PP Mestermaling. GL Ral 9010 gloss 35-40.
    NOTE: If you live at Stævnen (Robert Jacobsens Vej 93-101), you can have black/blue window frames, which are called: Ral 7016 and are available in gloss 35-40.
  • Kitchen and bathroom: PP Mestermaling. Ncs-0300. Gloss 25.



  • The lacquer is called Royal mat 2 component and manufactured by Berger Seidle.
  • The floors must be matt-sanded using special discs: other methods will prevent adhesion. The lacquer manufacturer offers no guarantee of adhesion, which is why it is important that professionals undertake the treatment of the flooring.


If you live at Øresund Park, Lerholmen, Lynghaven, Ofeliahaven, Fyrkanten, Skibbroen, Bastionen, Elsehus, Fælledudsigten, Lavetten, Green Hills, TriumphByen or TriumphHusene the following items must be used:


  • Walls and ceilings: Beckers Scotte 5 s0500n.
  • Woodwork: Beckers Scotte 40 ral 9010.
  • Kitchen and bath: Beckers Scotte 20 s0500n.



  • The lacquer is called Royal mat 2 component and manufactured by Berger Seidle.
  • The floors must be matt-sanded using special discs: other methods will prevent adhesion. The lacquer manufacturer offers no guarantee of adhesion, which is why it is important that professionals undertake the treatment of the flooring.


If you live at Rubinhaven the following items must be used:



  • Walls and ceilings: Fluggers Pro 5 NCS 0500-N  
  • Walls in kitchen: Fluggers deksoplast 20 NCS 0300-N 
  • Walls and ceilings in bathroom: Fluggers deksoplast 20 NCS 0300-N
  • Woodwork: PP SUPER ENAMEL 35 GL RAL 9010
  • Windows: PP SUPER ENAMEL 35 GL RAL 9010

NOTE: In general, full coverage and odour-barrier paints should be used, as well as a nicotine barrier, if necessary. Textured paint may not be used.

Please note that you may be required to pay if the refurbishment is defective or not carried out in accordance with the standards for proper workmanship.



The whole apartment must be cleaned, whether you renovate it or leave the renovation to us. Cleaning includes the following: 

  •  Vacuuming and washing the floor
  •  Wiping surfaces
  •  Wiping of doors and sills
  •  Cleaning built-in cabinets
  •  Cleaning and descaling of bathroom (toilet, tiles, fixture, sink, and shower)
  •  Cleaning and descaling appliances (hob, oven, cooker hood, cooker hood filter, refridgerator/freezer, dishwasher, washer and dryer)
  •  Drain cleaning
  •  Cleaning windows inside and outside
  •  Any room in the basement must be emptied
  •  Anyburnt-out bulbs must be replaced 


Miscellaneous additional costs:

  •  Removal of left behind curtains, slats and/or blinds
  •  Removal of any items left in the tenancy and room in the basement

If you have not cleaned the above, significant costs may be incurred.