We are sorry that you consider vacating. However, in order to help you through the process, we have made an overview of information that is important to consider or be informed about before you move out.

Termination of lease agreement

We recommend that you inform us well in advance of your moving out. Cf. §11 in the contract, you must terminate the lease with 3 months' notice, in which you must vacate the apartment 10 full business days before the end of the termination period at the latest. This is in order for us to refurbish the apartment.

If you want us to re-lease for a date other than your normal termination, you must state a precise vacating date, which must be 10 full bank days before the 1st or 15th of the month. Then we will try to re-lease the apartment to the desired date. If we do not find a new tenant for the desired date, you will remain liable until the release date.


If you terminate before April 1st (no later than March 31st), you are liable for 3 months ie. until June 30th, this is the release date on the contract. Since we need 10 full business days for refurbishment, you must be vacated by June 14th at the latest.


Termination of your lease must be in writing and cannot be done by telephone. Please fill in a termination form, which must be signed by hand and sent back to or handed in at our Danish headquarters. Download the termination form here.

Please note that all persons on the lease agreement must sign the termination. Once we have received your termination, we will send you a confirmation of receipt as soon as possible.

Binding period

You might have a binding period on the lease agreement. At the top of §11 it will appear how long your binding period is. Allowing that you have a binding period of 12 months, the lease must be terminated before the exit of the 9th month. The remaining three months will be your notice of termination.

If you choose to denounce your lease in the binding period, we would seek to relet the lease promptly. In case of termination of a lease in the binding period, you will have to pay a re-rental fee corresponding to a brokerage fee for which Balder Danmark pays for an external broker. 

Deposit and prepaid rent

Deposit is used for refurbishment of the apartment. If the entire deposit is not used for refurbishment, the remainder will be offset against the calculation of removal costs. The calculation of removal costs is expected to be ready within 6-8 weeks of the release date and will be sent by e-mail.

You have respectively 1 or 3 months prepaid rent. The prepaid rent is used on the last month/months of the rental period. The prepaid rent covers only the rent and therefore you must still pay the other expenses such as aconto heat and water etc.

Electricity, water and heat

You are liable for electricity, water and heat until the day you are released from the lease agreement.

With regard to electricity, water and heat, an inspector will make a final reading at your removal inspection. The inspector subsequently notifies the suppliers of this, and therefore you do not have to cancel this yourself.

Showing of the apartment and keys

We need a key for showings during the termination period. The key must be handed in no later than one week after the lease has been terminated. It can be handed in at the property office or at the headquarter of Balder by prior arrangement. 

Presentation of a lease is done by Balder's rental team or by external brokers and typically takes place during the period 08: 00-17: 00 on weekdays. You will be notified by SMS no later than the day before.

Removal inspection

The removal inspection will be held at a time set by Balder. In some cases we might be able to change this time, if you contact our customer service per. e-mail:

At the removal inspection you must hand in all the keys to the apartment. After this inspection, you no longer have access to the apartment. If one or more keys are missing, we need to change the lock for the sake of future tenants. This will be done at the tenant's expense.

NOTE: If you do not attend the removal inspection, you will be charged a fee of DKK 1,850.00. If the inspection cannot subsequently be carried out so that we have 10 full business days for refurbishment, cf. above, you will be charged rent for the missing days.


According to §11 of the contract, the apartment must be returned in the same condition as when it was received. The condition of the apartment is assessed at the final inspection. Here our inspector will assess the apartment with you or your representative and a report with calculations of removal costs will then be prepared. If the apartment is not returned in the same condition as when you received it, Balder will book craftsmen from external companies. The report with removal costs will specify which works, if any must be carried out on the tenant's expense.

We recommend that you let the refurbishment be handled out by craftsmen appointed by the inspector.

A calculation example of refurbishment

Below you find a calculation example of the cost of restoration of an apartment of 98 m2 (net floor area for the entire apartment 89 m2).

The example is based on the necessity to grind the floor whereby it can be determined by the final stage of the inspection.  

The example is made out from entire walls, ceilings and woodwork that will be painted and where a deep cleaning of the entire apartment, drains and appliances must be done. 

Attention: Note that below is only a calculation example and that the restoration may vary depending on the size of the apartment and the condition of it. All apartments will be accessed at the final stage of the inspection.

Work attained Net area m2 m2 price In total

Painting walls

89 110.00 9790.00
Painting ceilings 89 60.00 5340.00
Painting woodwork 89 45.00 4005.00
Painting windows 89 40.00 3560.00
Finishing the floor 89 - bath = 83 75.00 6225.00
Cleaning 1 3000.00 3000.00
Window cleaning 1 750.00 750.00
In total     32,670.00

Additional costs due to vacating that what the above introduce.
Examples of additional cost can be:

  •  Replacement of halogen bulb in kitchen and bath
  •  Scratches and hooks in cabinet doors and doors.
  •  Removal of residual effects, such as curtains, lamps etc.
  •  Defrosting the fridge/freezer
  •  Cleaning of household appliances
  •  Descaling of fixtures, tiles, floors etc.
  •  Removal of stickers
  •  General dissatisfaction
  •  Smoking in the lease
  •  Damage to the floor so that the sanding is not sufficient 

If you wish to handle the refurbishment yourself

If you wish to handle the entire or part of the refurbishment yourself, the work must be carried out in the correct workmanship before the removal inspection. Below you will find cleaning instrutions as well as information on what paint and floor lacquer you are required to use if you want to refurbish yourself.

Cleaning: The entire apartment must be cleaned, which, among others, involves the following

  • Vacuuming and floor washing.
  • Wiping surfaces.
  • Wiping doors and frames.
  • Cleaning built-in cabinets.
  • Cleaning and descaling bathroom (toilet, tile, fixture, sink and shower).
  • Cleaning and descaling kitchen appliances (cooktop, oven, cooker hood and filter, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer).
  • Cleaning of drain - kitchen and toilet.
  • Cleaning windows inside and outside.
  • If storage room in the basement, this must be emptied.
  • If any bursted light bulbs, these must be replaced.

Various potential additional costs:

  • If any effects are left in the apartment and/or basement for Balder's personel to remove, we will add an additional cost in the removal report corresponding to the working hours spent removing this. This could for instance be furniture, trash, curtains, slats and/or window blinds.


  • Walls and ceiling: Flügger Flutex 5 ncs 0500 (off-white, in DK "råhvid").
  • Woodwork: PP Mestermaling. GL Ral 9010 gloss 35-40.
    NOTE: If you live at "Stævnen" (Robert Jacobsens Vej 93-101), you might have black/blue window frames called: Ral 7016 in gloss 35-40.
  • Kitchen and bathroom: PP Mestermaling. Ncs-0300. Gloss 25.


  • The lacquer is called: Aqua Sea smarthome.
  • The floors must be matt-sanded with special discs, otherwise there is no adhesion. The lacquer manufacturer gives no guarantee of adhesion, therefore it is important that it is professionals who sand these floors.

Please note that you may be greeted with a payment requirements if the refurbishment is incomplete or not carried out in the correct workmanship standards.


The whole apartment needs to get through a cleaning procedure, whether you renovate yourself or let us do it. Cleaning includes the following:

  •  Vacuuming and floor washing
  •  Wiping surfaces
  •  Wiping of doors and frames
  •  Cleaning of the built-in cabinets
  •  Cleaning and descaling of bathroom (toilet, tile, fixture, sink, shower)
  •  Cleaning and descaling of household appliances (hob, oven, extractor hood, extractor filter, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer)
  •  Drainage cleaning
  •  Polishing windows inside and outside
  •  Any basement room must be emptied
  •  Any blown light bulbs must be replaced 

Any additional costs:

  •  Removal of left behind curtains, slats and blinds
  •  Removal of any leftover effects in the lease and basement

In case you have not cleaned as represented above, it will have a significant cost.