Lease Application

We are very happy that you are considering moving in with us. To guide you through the application process, following is an overview of the essential steps. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to receiving your application.

Essentially this is the process:

  1. Showing: You need to see the actual apartment. Pictures and floor plans on our website do not always show the exact apartment, but instead are pictures from an apartment with the same floor plan and in the same condition. Therefore, minor variations in window, balcony and radiator placements between apartments of the same type might occur. Thus, we always require you to take part in a showing before you can sign a lease agreement, so you are absolutely sure what you get and there are no surprises on the day of moving in.
  2. Application: You fill out an application form. Either alone or perhaps with a co-applicant that you are going to live with. The application form, along with relevant documentation that you can read about in our leasing policy below, is submitted to the rental agent who has showed you the apartment.
  3. Contract: As soon as possible after receipt of your application, we will send you a contract with terms applicable for your apartment. 
  4. Move-in inspection: When we have received the signed contract as well as deposit and prepaid rent, we will invite you to a move-in inspection via mail. The move-in inspection will be held on the 1st or 15th of a month at the latest. If the 1st or 15th falls on a weekend or on a public holiday, the inspection will instead be held the following weekday. Keys to the apartment are handed over at this inspection.


Pet permit Application Form

It is also possible to apply for a pet permit in all our apartments. You can tick off in the application form if you want to recieve this form. Naturally, you can download it here as well.

Download pet application form

Leasing Policy

We work with a policy to promote a fair and well-functioning leasing. To apply for an apartment, our basic requirements must therefore be met and be documented if requested.

Basic requirements

  • The applicant must be of legal age and over 18 years.
  • The applicant must have a regular income and must be able to document being employed or studying.
  • The applicant's income must be able to cover the cost of the lease.
  • The applicant must not be registered in the RKI. Print from RKI is sent to the administrator.

In addition, the number of adults living in an apartment must not exceed the number of rooms. For example, if you are renting a 3-room apartment (two bedrooms and a living room) there is a maximum of three adults.

Residency requirements

Our apartments must be used for residential and as a tenant you must therefore register the address with the National Register. Thus, a company cannot rent an apartment if it is to be used for business premises and/or accommodation for the company's employees and business contacts. The apartments can also not be rented out as a "craft apartment".

For companies

If a company rents an apartment to be used as a resident for an employee, the company must document that it can pay the rent by handing in the annual report for the past 2-3 years. Furthermore, a printout from the CVR register is obtained so that it is ensured that it is an authorized signatory for the company that signs the lease agreement.


If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact our rental agents, who are available from 8 AM to 4 PM on weekdays

Tel: +45 55 55 07 07