Rental apartments in Copenhagen SV

Skibbroen - bright apartments in a nice harbor environment overlooking the canals

Skibbroen comprises 184 rental apartments ranging from between 1-5 rooms. The property is located in a very coveted area at "Havneholmen" - an area close to Copenhagen's city center, close to Fisketorvet (a great shopping center), and right at the waterfront. Skibbroen consists of two buildings that are angled so they both have facades facing the waterfront and a view overlooking the canals. The architects have designed the building with intentional displacement between the balconies which creates a dynamic facade. The angled structure of the buildings has made room for a large variety of different apartment types - some have large balconies on the corners and some penthouse apartments have private roof terraces. The property was constructed in 2016 and all apartments, therefore, feature bright, modern materials and large window sections that ensure an optimal inflow of light and a great view of the canals.

The area surrounding Skibbroen is characterized by a maritime atmosphere. The old harbor environment has been preserved with its original boat sheds on the quay, and houseboats that are anchored side by side along the canal.

The apartments at Skibbroen are located on Havneholmen 12B-14G, 2450 Copenhagen SV. 

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  • Dining
  • Transport
  • Leisure
  • Schools
  • Institutions
  • Parking

Local area

  • Transport

    Busstop - 160 m.
    Dybbølsbro st. 800 m.
  • Shopping

    Fisketorvet (Mall) - 350 m.
    Grocery store - 750 m.
  • Recreation

    Movie theater - 450 m.
    Swimming facility - 1,6 km.
  • Harbour bath

    Fisketorvet - 400 m.
    Islands Brygge - 500 m.
  • Children

    Day care - 1,2 km.
    Primary school - 1,9 km.
  • Sport

    SATS Gym - 190 m.
    Rowing club - 350 m.
  • City Centre

    City hall square - 10 min.
    Kgs. Nytov St. - 11 min.
    by bike
  • Parks

    Søndermarken - 14 min
    Valby Parken - 12 min
    by bike

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