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The foundation of our success is skilled and motivated employees. Therefore, we do a lot to find and retain passionate individuals with their hearts in the right place.

We consider ourselves to be innovative and strive to explore new paths whenever possible. Furthermore, Balder is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that influences the decisions we make.
We listen to our employees and cherish good initiatives and ideas that can be put into practice. For us, there is not a long way from idea to action! Additionally, we value honesty, helpfulness, high spirits, and community, as we believe that the strongest unity and trust in each other are fostered through these qualities.

Charlotte og Cecilie

Job vacancies

At the link below, you can view our job vacancies. We would love to hear from you, even if we currently don't have a position that matches your profile. We are very good at matching the unsolicited applications we receive with available positions at Balder.

When you apply, you will initially be in touch with us in HR, and you are always welcome to reach out if you have any questions. You can contact us via email at hr_dk@balder.dk, or you can call Charlotte Juul, who is the HR manager, at +45 40714070.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Best regards,

Charlotte & Cecilie

Some Facts About Us

Balder Denmark is part of the Swedish parent company, Fastighets AB Balder, which has over 15 years of experience and owns more than 1,300 properties across Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, and England. Therefore, we operate on a solid foundation of both experience and stability. In 2017, we introduced Balder in Denmark and have since established our Danish organization in Copenhagen. We currently have around 100 employees and manage 4150 rental units across 23 high-quality properties in Copenhagen, Greater Copenhagen, and North Zealand.

What do our employees say?

Stephanie works in Business Development

Are you curious about what everyday life in Business Development looks like? Stephanie here shares about the daily routine and tasks as an Event and Community Manager at Balder.

What do our employees say?

Gustav works in the Rental Department.

Are you curious about what the daily life of a rental agent looks like? Gustav shares here about the everyday routine and tasks as a rental agent at Balder.

What do our employees say?

Timmi works in Operation

Timmi talks about working as operations technician in Balder.

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It’s full steam ahead at Balder

Entrepreneurial spirit is paramount and our staff have dedication and drive. Our informal culture and flat organisation mean decision paths are short and thoughts quickly turn into action.
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A diverse workplace

Our skills range from property management, construction technology, rental to IT, finance, marketing, and more. Our various backgrounds make sure we create the best results.

Unlimited potential for development

We see personal and professional development as priorities. That’s why we give our staff responsibility and let them have a say. But we are also a team, so no one has to face a challenge on their own.
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We aim to challenge the status quo

We believe that innovation is the way forward when it comes to running a property company. Actually, we are somewhat proud of being a bit different from everybody else.

Good office morale

We believe that good social ties make it easier to face everyday challenges. So we often plan events like after work drinks, taking part in the DHL Relay Race, to Christmas events in Gothenburg.
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