How to Get in Touch with Us


Customer Service

Our customer service team is available to help you with any queries between 8AM-3:30PM on Monday to Friday. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Tel: +45 55 55 07 07


Are you interested in renting one of our homes? Our rental team are available to help on Monday to Thursday at 8AM-5PM and on Fridays at 8AM-4PM.

Tel: +45 55 55 07 07

General Questions

If you have an enquiry of a more general nature – for example, if you are a business partner or applying for a job etc., you can contact us at



Sensitive and confidential information

If you need to send documents of a sensitive or confidential nature such as health document you can use this encrypted form

Balder viceværter

Emergency Contact

In case of emergency

You can call Balder Emergency any day of the week before 8AM and after 3PM if your property or flat experiences a CRITICAL EMERGENCY outside of Customer Service working hours.

TELEPHONE: +45 70 20 00 92

A critical emergency is: 

  • Leakage/discharge from water pipes or a leaky radiator that could cause water damage 
  • Clogged downpipe that could cause water damage 
  • Water damage that might cause damage to other parts of the building 
  • Power failure as a result of lightning etc. (we ask the tenant to first check whether the fuses are working) 
  • Fire in the property resulting in damage to buildings
  • Drainage installation failures (tenants are requested to remedy blocked toilets and drains) 
  • Leaking roof structure – damaged roof 
  • Objects crashing down from outside causing or risking damage to the property 

As workmen are expensive outside normal working hours, it is important that they only be called out in EMERGENCY situations. A non-emergency call-out will be at the resident’s OWN expense. 

In the case of damage covered by the lessee’s external maintenance obligation, Balder defrays the expense if the damage is regarded as an emergency. 

In the case of damage covered by the resident’s maintenance obligation, the resident will defray the cost to Balder. 

Where to Meet Us

If you need to meet one of us in person, please visit one of the following addresses. You can find our Key Account Managers in the property offices several days a week, but please book an appointment in advance to make sure they are there. You can contact your Key Account Manager directly if you are already in contact, or write to They will then refer you to the appropriate person.