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This Privacy Policy ("Personal Data Policy") describes how Balder Danmark A/S, subsidiary of Fastighets AB Balder, (collectively "Balder", "us", "our", "we") collects and processes information about you.

The privacy policy applies to personal data that you submit to us fx. when you submit a request for a showing of an apartment, via a job application or which we collect via our website,

Balder Danmark A/S is responsible for your personal data. All personal data are handled in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. Personal information is all information that can directly or indirectly identify a living, physical person. Balder makes an effort to protect your data, and our goal is to ensure that your information is properly processed. All inquiries to Balder can be made via the contact details listed under section 5.

1. If you are a tenants or potential tenants

1.1 What information do we collect about you in connection with a showing and/or rental of an apartment?

Balder processes; including collecting and registering, personal data for the purpose of:

  • to be able to contact potential tenants regarding vacancies.
  • to be able to obtain all the information deemed necessary to be able to evaluate and investigate potential tenants' application to become a tenant with Balder.
  • to manage specific lease agreements.

Personal data includes any kind of information that can be used to identify a person including but not limited to; first and last name, social security number, address, e-mail address or other contact information. In addition, Balder monitors whether tenants have registered debt in the Danish RKI register.

Balder collects and processes only the personal data necessary to enter into a leasing contract and/or fulfillment of an agreement with which you are part in. Including, but not limited to: showing of an apartment, rental and administration of properties and other related services to you as a tenant. It is necessary to be able to obtain these information from our tenants in order to manage lease contracts. If consent cannot be obtained to the above-mentioned data, Balder cannot complete the rental process and therefore might have to reject potential tenants.

1.2 How do we protect your information?

Your personal information is stored on secure networks and can only be accessed by a limited number of employees with rights to this type of information. These are also subject to our internal privacy policy, which safeguards your rights and ensures compliance with law in the area. Among all business partners and suppliers who process personal data, a data processing agreement has been entered.

1.3 How long do we store your information?

Balder Danmark A/S makes all reasonable measures to ensure that your personal data is processed and stored securely. Your personal data will never be stored beyond what is permitted by current law or for the purposes stated in the Privacy Policy. Your personal information is processed by us during the following time periods. The personal data is then deleted.

In order for Balder Danmark A/S to be able to offer, implement and improve its services to all customers, it is also necessary for us to process personal data in other cases, for example by analyzing interest history, dividing customers into segments to perform analyzes at an aggregated level as well as statistical purposes.

If you have submitted a request for a showing of an apartment, your personal data will be stored up to three years after the submission.

When you enter a lease contract with us, we will store your personal data as long as you still live with us (when the contract has not been terminated) and for up to 3 years from the termination of the lease contract. Payment and billing information will however be kept longer as the accounting rules imply that a payment must be kept for 5 years + current calendar year after the end of the relevant financial year.

When Balder Danmark A/S no longer has a legal reason to handle your personal data, or if you revoke your consent, your personal data will be deleted.

2. If you apply for a job at Balder

We only recieve applications though our recruiting system, Rekry. Please see all job posting on our carrier page and apply directly through one of these. 

2.1 What information do we collect about you in connection with job applications?

  • First and last name, birthday and contact information, including, but not limited to, email address and telephone number.

  • Competences and previous experience through your CV or application as well as the qualifications and experience you register.

  • LinkedIn profile if you submit your application through this platform.

  • Test results if this is part of your recruitment process.

  • Picture if you have uploaded this or if we are photographing you in the last phase of your recruitment process.

  • Other personal data that you choose to share in your CV or any other uploaded documents you have shared with us. *

*We advise against providing sensitive personal information such as ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership, health information and/or gender identity information. We therefore reserve the right to delete any sensitive data as described above as well as personal information regarding anyone other than you.

2.2 Why and how do we use this information?

If you apply for a job at Balder, your personal information will be registered and processed by us. Your information will be recorded in Rekry, our recruitment system. It is possible to apply for a open job posting or apply unsolicited. The registration takes place in order to handle the current recruitment and to use the data for a potential future employment. We only process information needed in connection with employment, such as contact information and data to assess the applicant's qualifications and career opportunities. This includes that some data may be stored. We therefore ask that you read this text carefully. By submitting your application to us, you indicate that you understand and agree to the terms. Registration of your personal information with Balder is optional and free for you as an applicant.

2.3 Consent for recording data

Please note that by submitting your application, you accept such registration and agree that Balder receives your personal information which is uploaded in the recruitment service. You also agree that Balder will store, use and possibly share your personal information in order to process your application and contact you or your references in cases where it is necessary for the processing. The data is not processed for anything other than the stated purpose. Personal data are stored no longer than is necessary for the processin (see section 2.5).

2.4 With whom do we share your information?

We commit to not disclose your personal information to unauthorized persons or third parties. However, the personal data is passed on to relevant data processors, if necessary for the processing of personal data. For example, the recruitment company We Select (owner of Rekry recruitment system) acts as a data processor when they help us collect information through Rekry's recruitment service.

Your personal data may also be disclosed when required by law, such as under the Discrimination Act or the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We may need to disclose information requested by the authorities.

2.5 When do we delete the information?

If you contact us and wish to have your information deleted, we will of course do so unless we are legally required to keep the information. Such an exception is e.g. if you have applied for a job, then we must save your application documents for 24 months after the employment process is completed with reference to the Discrimination Act. Therefore, we will delete your information after 24 months after the end of the recruitment process after you apply for a job. This also applies to unsolicited applications. See your other rights under section 4.

3. If you visit the website, 

When you visit our website, we automatically collect information about you and your use of it. This information is collected through cookies or pixel tags, both of which are a small data files that is stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

We use the following third-party cookies:

  • Google: Google Analytics is used to collect data on how is used, for example. which pages are visited, what type of browser and version you are using, operating system and platform, your IP address etc. The purpose is to optimize the user experience and improve Google Analytics's Privacy Terms are accepted upon visit to and can be found here: If you want to prevent your data from being sent to Google Analytics from the websites you visit, you can download a browser add-on here:

  • Facebook: Marketing pixels are used to track visitors across websites. The intention is to show ads that are relevant and engaging to the individual user, and thus more valuable to Balder as an advertiser.

3.1 Deleting cookies

You always have the option to delete cookies by changing the settings in your browser. The procedure depends on which browser you are using. You can find the most common ones below:

If you have chosen this option, cookies will no longer be stored from or other websites in your browser. On the other hand, you may find that certain features and services no longer work optimally, such as by not remembering previously saved choices.

You can also change your settings to get a warning every time a website tries to place a cookie. Then you can decide for yourself whether you want to accept the individual cookie or not. For more information on how to manage this, visit

4. If you are interested in one of our newbuilds

In Balder, we often rent out our newly constructed properties in collaboration with an external realtor. When you fill in and submit your contact information via the contact form on the respective project website, you also agree that your contact information is shared with the respective realtor.

4.1 Who is the realtor?

The real estate project Lavetten ”” is (besides Balder) operated by:

Home Sydhavnen & Projektsalg Lone Bøegh Henriksen A/S
Teglholmsgade 66A st.
2450 København SV
Cvr-nr. 20763892
Contact email:
Privacy policy:

The real estate project Carlsbakken ”” is (besides Balder) operated by:

LokalBolig A/S
Slotsgade 36C, st.
3400 Hillerød
CVR-nr. 78 48 80 18
Contact email:
Privacy policy:

The real estate project Bastionen ””. An external realtor has not yet been appointed. Balder reserves the right to insert a realtor at any time and share contact information with them.

In the following, the realtors named above are referred to in a common name "Realtor".

Balder and the realtor are each responsible for the processing of personal data that Balder and the realtor undertake for their own purposes in connection with the rental of the respective real estate project.
During a new real estate project, the realtors can in some cases process personal data on behalf of and following instructions from Balder. Balder and the realtor have therefore entered into a data processing agreement which regulates the processing of personal data that the realtor undertakes on behalf of Balder.

We also refer to the respective realtors' privacy policies, where the parties' other processing of personal data is described in more detail. Links to these are inserted under contact information about the respective realtor.

4.2 Which personal information do we collect?

When you visit one of our project websites, Balder automatically collects personal information about you and your use of the website. The information is collected via so-called "cookies" or "pixel tags", which are small data files that are stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and can be used to identify your device and network. You can read more about these in section 3.

When you use the contact form on the respective project website or contact either Balder or the respective realtor directly, we collect the following personal information about you:

  • Name, including first and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Your personal data will only be processed for the purposes described below and will not be stored for longer than necessary for the purpose of the processing.

At the respective project websites, you have four contact options that depend on how far in the rental process the real estate project is.

Yes please, I would like to be on the list of interests

This option is only active in the project's start-up phase before the first open house is held. If you choose this option, your personal information (name, email and phone number) will be sent directly to the respective realtor. If a realtor has not yet been appointed, your information will be sent to Balder instead. The realtor or Balder will then note your information on a list of all the people who have expressed interest in the real estate project. Everyone on this list will receive information as the real estate project gets close to the rental start. Further thy will be invited to the first open house.

Yes please, I would like to sign up for the newsletter on [Name of reale estate project]

If you choose this option, you consent to Balder contacting you by email with newsletters about the real estate project in question. We only send newsletters when we have something on our mind or there is something new in the case we want to share. Therefore, you cannot be sure of a fixed schedule, but we will not send you more than one email a month. Among other thing, the communication will involve, but is not limited to, information about open house arrangements, completion of new stages in the building project and vacant apartments on the real estate project in question.

We will process your email address until it is no longer relevant. That is, in practice, until you let us know that you no longer want to receive emails from us. You can cancel at any time and free of charge. You can do this either by using the link at the bottom of our emails or by contacting us at and informing us that you do no longer wish to receive our newsletters.

We use the email service, MailChimp, to send emails to users who have consented to receive newsletters. The use of the MailChimp email service means that your personal information may be stored in the United States. However, MailChimp is affiliated with the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement, which is why we assess that your personal information will be processed securely.

Yes please, I would like to be contacted for more information

If you choose this option, your personal information (name, email and phone number) will be sent directly to the respective reator. If a realtor has not yet been appointed, your information will be sent to Balder instead. We will thus contact you to clarify what you need more information about before we can forward this to you.

Yes please, I would like to attend an open house

If you choose this option, your personal information (name, email and phone number) will be sent directly to the respective realtor. If a realtor has not yet been appointed, your information will be sent to Balder instead.

To attend an open house we do not require you to have registered through the website in advance. As far as possible, we collect contact information on all participants on open houses, so we can contact them for further dialogue on entering into a lease agreement. If you sign up for an open house directly on the website, we already have your contact information when you show up. Furthermore, it is easier for us to plan how many realtors should be present at the open house if we have received registrations in advance.

4.3 How long do we keep your personal information?

Your personal data will only be kept for as long as it is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the purposes for which we have collected the personal data. However, please note that we may have collected your personal information in another context, e.g. if you have signed up for newsletters or otherwise are a customer of Balder or the respective realtor. In that case, we may continue to process your personal data for as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the other purposes for which we have collected your personal data.

You can always request insight into the personal data we have registered about you. You can read more about your rights in section 5 below.

4.4 How do we protect your personal information?

We are committed to ensure that your personal data is properly processed at all times, including taking appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risks inherent in our processing of your personal data relating to the real estate project in question.

Both Balder and realtors store personal data on secure networks that can only be accessed by a limited number of employees for whom it is necessary to access the personal data. In addition, these employees are subject to each of the internal personal data policies that safeguard your rights and ensure compliance with applicable laws in the field. Among all business partners and suppliers who process your personal data on behalf of either Balder or the realtors, a data processing agreement has been entered into.

5. Your rights

You have some rights in relation to the personal information, we have gathered about you. If you want to make use of your rights below, you can find Balder's contact information in section. 6. You will be asked to document that you are who you claim to be. It may therefore be necessary that you come to one of our offices with a valid image ID to confirm your identity.

  • The right to insight: You have the right to gain access to the information we have registered about you. This means that you can get a copy of the documents containing personal data.

  • The right to rectification: You have the right to get incorrect information about yourself corrected if you become aware of errors. If Balder finds your request justified, we will endeavor to correct the information as soon as possible.

  • The right to be forgotten: In special cases, you have the right to get your personal data deleted before our usual deletion procedure occurs. If a continued processing of your information is necessary, for example, in order for us to comply with our legal obligations or for legal claims to be established, enforced or defended, we are not obliged to delete your personal information.

  • The right to limitation of processing: In some cases, you have the right to get the processing of your personal data restricted so that they only consist of storage. In this case, we will from this point on only process information with your consent, or in order for a legal claim to be established, enforced or defended.

  • The right to transmit data portability: In some cases you have the right to obtain personal information in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transfer that information to another data controller.

6. Contact information

If you have any questions about Balder's processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact:

Balder Danmark A/S
Vesterbrogade 1 E, 5 sal
1620 København V

7. Appeal to the Danish Data Inspectorate

You have the opportunity to complain about the processing of information and data regarding you. You can find the Data Inspectorate's contact information at:

8. Policy revision

We reserve the right to make changes and revise the processes of our privacy policy on an ongoing basis. You can see the latest change date at the bottom of this page. In the event of significant changes, you as a tenant will receive notice of this.

Last modified: October 2019.