Everything you need to know as a resident in Lavetten


This page is tailor-made for you as a resident in Lavetten, whether you have just moved in or have been living in the property for a long time. On this page, you will find lots of relevant information regarding your lease.

We hope you'll find the information you're looking for. Please feel free to contact customer service if you have any questions.

Information for residents at Lavetten

Lavetten gårdrum
Fælleslokale Lavetten


Lavetten byder på tre unikke fælleslokaler, herunder blandt andet ”Luftrummet”. Dette lokale er dit multi- og festlokale med plads til at mange gæster kan samles til festlige begivenheder.

Lokalet er smukt indrettet med plakater med plantemotiver, lamper der giver en varm belysning, lette grønlige gardiner samt stole i grønne og blå nuancer. Faktisk har fælledens frodige natur været en stor inspirationskilde i indretningen. Luftrummet byder på også på toilet samt køkken med alt det service, du behøver. 

Ønsker du at leje lokalet, skal du blot booke og betale direkte igennem Mit Balder-appen. Mit Balder kan downloades til iPhone og Android.

Det er gratis at leje lokalet i hverdagen. Leje i weekenden udgør kr. 1.800,00 og betales via appen 'Mit Balder'. Prisen er inkl. slutrengøring. 

Rent the finest common room

Lavetten offers three unique common rooms, including ‘Luftrummet’. This room is your multi- and festive room with space for many guests. The room is beautifully decorated with posters of plant motifs, lamps that provide warm lighting, curtains and chairs in shades of green and blue. The nature has been a great source of inspiration in the interior design. Luftrummet is the perfect room for birthday parties and other cozy events.

If you wish to rent the private room, simply book and pay directly through the Mit Balder app. Mit Balder can be downloaded for iPhone and Android devices.

It's free to rent the common room on weekdays. Weekend rentals cost DKK 1,800.00 and are payable through the 'Mit Balder' app. The price includes final cleaning.


Other fantastic facilities

In addition to ‘Luftrummet’ , Lavetten has two other common rooms. ‘Pusterummet’ is one of them. This room is furnished with full focus on relaxation, play and well-being. Here children can play around, while you relax in the soft sofa.

If you need a modern home workstation every now and then – ‘Tidsrummet’ is just the thing for you. Here you can arrange meetings, meet with the study group or just read a book.

Lavetten also offers the cozy café Konsjös, where you can buy delicious bread, croissants, coffee and much more.



  • Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions
What are the parking options at Lavetten and around the area in general?

Lavetten has an underground parking lot where you can rent a parking space. Contact your property manager, if you wish to rent a parking space. Be aware that you can only rent 1 parking space per. household. At street level you have the opportunity to park for 30 minutes.

What should I do in case of loud noise from neighbours?

We encourage all residents to show consideration and understanding towards their neighbours. If you experience general noise annoyance, we first and foremost encourage you to talk to your neighbours about the problem and, hopefully, find a solution together. If you continue to experience problems, you can contact your key account manager.

If you experience loud noise from a party or the like, you can contact our night guards. They are available by phone (+45 30 39 64 62) every day of the week from 22: 00-04: 00. They also visit the property every Friday and Saturday in the late evening hours.

How do I apply for a pet permit?

You can find the application form for domestic animals here

Download application form for domestic animals


I wish to vacate my apartment: what do I do?

You can find information about vacating the tenancy here and information about internal relocation here.


Meet Julie

Julie is your always-cheerful key account manager. If you have any questions or want to discuss new ideas concerning Lavetten, do not hesitate to contact her.

Contact Julie

Meet operations technician, Ejner

Ejner (shown to the left in the picture) makes sure that you never have to solve unexpected problems on your own. If you need his help, just contact customer service.

Contact customer service
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