Ørestad – Copenhagen’s new green district

Ørestad is under rapid development and it is one of the places where we at Balder have chosen to build new rental housing projects. Below, you can read more about what characterizes this particular district and its different neighborhoods – and where you can find our apartments. Welcome home to Ørestad!

Ørestad is Copenhagen’s new green district, located in the Southern part of Copenhagen. Ørestad is designed as a modern counterpart to central Copenhagen’s historical authenticity. The district is, among other things, characterized by its ambitious local development plan, which focuses on modern infrastructure, high architectural quality, and low environmental impact as well as its many green areas. One-third of Ørestad’s area consists of parks and green areas. Also, it is located right next to Kalvebod Fælled, a large preserved nature area with wildlife and tons of potential for recreational activities.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions

In connection with the development of Ørestad, the work has been focused on reducing the environmental impact through sustainable solutions. For example, several canals and water spaces connect the different parts of Ørestad. In addition to the recreational space that the canals provide, they also function as rainwater collectors. Infrastructure has been built to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians. Traffic-controlled roads and established systems of footpaths have been made to make it easier to get safely around without a car. The metro line runs along the entire area, so you are always near a metro station. This significantly decreases traffic and therefore pollution from this in the area, which makes Ørestad a uniquely clean and peaceful neighborhood.

Ørestad City

The central part of Ørestad, Ørestad City, lies 5 km south of Copenhagen city center and 4.5 km west of Copenhagen Airport. The center is Ørestad Station, from where you can take the metro, regional trains, and InterCity trains on the Øresund link. In just seven minutes, you can be at Copenhagen Central Station or Copenhagen Airport. The heart of the area is the 70,000 sqm large city park that consists of small “activity islands” that can be utilized for both play and relaxation. Denmark’s largest mall, Field’s, is located centrally in Ørestad City, which hosts many shops and restaurants as well as the largest cinema in Scandinavia. Another worthy mention is Ørestad library, which is a cultural hub in the area and hosts a variety of events, art exhibitions, and leisure activities – for example, HackLab, a regular workshop for those who like to work with technology. Those who enjoy physical activity can use Ørestad Street Hall, which is an activity hall that offers a variety of activities such as table-tennis, activity rooms, boulder wall, and an outdoor fitness park. In terms of education, Ørestad offers some of the best opportunities. Ørestad School has a virtual and aesthetic profile, which has an increased focus on the integration of IT in teaching. Ørestad High School is a modern upper secondary school with a focus on digital education and media studies. Ørestad City is also the home of some of Denmarks biggest companies and workplaces, including Rambøll, Ferring, Skandia, Novo Nordisk, Vestas, Nestlé, and many more.

The Arena District

The Arena District, which is named after the newly constructed multi-arena, Royal Arena, is located between Ørestad City and Ørestad South. The arena has become center for both local and international attention as a powerhouse for concerts and sporting events. Right next to the Arena is Ørestad Icerink, where you can rent ice skates or enroll in the local ice hockey club. The green heart is a large park called “Byfælleden”, which is an extension of the wild nature and green fields of Kalvebod Fælled that stretches into the urban area at the Arena District. Further, the Arena District is within walking distance of both childcare institutions and public schools - for example, Kalvebod Fælled School, a newly built public school with a focus on physical education, and the daycare institution Little Arena which also focuses on physical education and health.


Orestad South

Orestad South is characterized by its location right next to the vast nature of Kalvebod Fælled. Here, you are surrounded by miles of preserved nature right outside your home, while living in a vibrant urban environment full of modern award-winning architecture. The buildings in Orestad South are primarily residential areas with apartments, houses and everything that is needed for an active and inspiring lifestyle. The child activity house “8-Tallet” has a focus on nature and outdoor activity, and is within walking distance. "8-tallet" also has a popular restaurant that is ideal for a night out. On the corner of our newly built property, Fælledkanten, you have Thorsteinsson’s, where you can enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening.

In Orestad South, you can live with a direct view of the beautiful plains of Kalvebod Fælled from your private balcony. Along the city edge, you have the promenade which stretches from the park “Byfælleden” in the Arena district to the lakes in the most southern part of the area. Asger Jorns Allé will be the main street in Orestad South, and with the upcoming culture house, it will become a popular meeting spot in the neighborhood. The exact use of the culture house is yet to be decided upon, but it will most likely become a mixture of club rooms, halls for concerts and gymnastics, cafés, and activity rooms for a variety of sports. The culture house is expected to be ready in 2021.

Rich nature and wildlife at Kalvebod Fælled

The greatest quality of the area is probably Kalvebod Fælled, which is preserved as an area of outstanding natural beauty and has the status of a national landmark. Here, you will find a truly unique natural landscape with beautiful fauna and rich wildlife. Horses, cows and sheeps can be found in the paddocks while deers move freely in the area. For bird enthusiasts, this is sheer paradise. Rare birds often pass by and if you go for an evening stroll, you might even hear the nightingale sing. At Kalvebod Fælled, there is room for everyone, whether you walk, ride a bike, go by horse, or on roller-skates. And there is plenty of opportunities to take a break along the way at one of the many campgrounds and nature playgrounds. There are only a few places in Europe, where you can live in a capital city and in the middle of nature at the same time, and Ørestad is one of these unique places.

Bæredygtige og miljørigtige løsninger

Man har i forbindelse med opførelsen af Ørestad haft fokus på at mindske miljøpåvirkningen ved integrerede, bæredygtige løsninger. Eksempelvis binder adskillige kanaler og vandrum Ørestads bydele sammen. Foruden det rekreative frirum der skabes, fungerer kanalerne også som regnvandsopsamlere. Derudover har man bygget infrastruktur op for at tilgodese cyklister og fodgængere. Trafiksanerede veje og anlagte stisystemer skal gøre det lettere at komme trygt rundt uden bil. Med metrolinjen løbende langs med hele området er den nærmeste station aldrig langt væk, hvilket har været med til at begrænse trafikstøj og forureningskilder fra dette.