New shared facilities beautify Green Hills

Green Hills fælleslokale

The shared facilities at Green Hills in Solrød offer a large common area, fitness area, and guest lounge. Everything is newly designed with well-thought-out solutions for the benefit of the property

At Balder, it's essential for us to create space for life for our customers. Therefore, we are pleased to offer the residents of Green Hills in Solrød newly renovated indoor communal facilities. These consist of a common area, guest lounge, and workout area. For May Cecilia Kapala, who lives in Green Hills with her daughter, the joy of the new facilities is significant. She already has plans for a flea market, a Balder bake-off, and plenty of fitness training.

On October 12 2023, we celebrated the addition of the newly renovated shared facilities to our property, Green Hills, in Solrød. These facilities include a large common area that can accommodate up to 50 people, a well-designed fitness area for both team training and weightlifting, and a cozy guest lounge.

"We have invested a lot of energy in designing and furnishing the new shared facilities. It is important for us to provide value for our customers. With 294 apartments, a picturesque courtyard, and a DGNB Gold certification, Green Hills is an ambitious property, and the shared facilities should naturally support it," says our project manager, Alexander Barlow.

Knitting club, communal eating, and fitness training
The large common area is designed to allow residents to arrange private events and invite family and friends for various celebrations. It features a kitchen, serving counter, long table, café tables, a sofa lounge, and additional tables and chairs. Moreover, the hope is that residents will use these facilities to get to know their neighbors better.

"We hope the common area can inspire residents to arrange events that promote good neighborly relations. It could be knitting clubs, communal meals, invitations to lectures, Christmas workshops, and more. The possibilities are limitless," Alexander further explains.

In the guest lounge, you'll find a sofa, a kitchenette, a small dining area, and a workspace. The fitness area consists of two large rooms, one for weightlifting and the other for team training and cardio workouts.

"We hope that the Green Hills residents also will enjoy the fitness area – both individually and together. We have good experiences with neighbors coming together for specific sports activities, such as yoga or martial arts. So, if there is a fitness enthusiast in Green Hills who excels in a particular sport and wants to share their knowledge, there are excellent opportunities to engage with neighbors in the new fitness area," Alexander explains.

Resident of Green Hills: Moved here for the community
May Cecilia Kapala lives in a three-bedroom apartment in Green Hills with her 20-year-old daughter. They have been residents of the property since it was ready for occupancy in 2022. It was the idea of a strong sense of community that attracted May:

"When I was about to move, I knew I wanted to find a place with opportunities for community. A place where you get to know your neighbors. I thought I would have to go to Copenhagen to fulfill these wishes, but then I heard about Green Hills. It meant I could stay in Solrød, which was a significant advantage for me," she explains. 

She says further that she and her daughter have used Green Hills' outdoor areas a lot while awaiting the completion of the indoor facilities:

"My daughter and I have used the lovely outdoor areas during the summer. We've bought firewood for a bonfire and plan to make s’mores there one day, even though the weather is now colder. We hope – and believe – that it will attract our neighbors. We've been looking forward to the indoor facilities being ready for use too," she continues.

Flea markets and Balder bake-off
With the new shared facilities, there are even better opportunities for May and her daughter to meet their neighbors. They already have many ideas for using the spaces:

"We are so thrilled with the new shared facilities; they are truly impressive spaces. We already have many ideas for what we want to use them for, including flea markets, communal meals, and a Balder bake-off. We hope that people in the property want to participate."

For May, the fitness area is also a valuable addition to Green Hills:

"I've canceled my membership at my own gym and joined the new one here at Green Hills. It's truly a fantastic new area with a range of training possibilities, where you can also meet your neighbors and break a sweat together," she concludes.

If you'd like to become a part of the great neighborhood at Green Hills, check out the remaining available apartments here.