Kvartalets Balder-nabo has been found: Congratulations to Reza Aalami from TriumphByen

Reza Aalami

In Espergærde lives an exceptional neighbor. His name is Reza Aalami, and he lives at our property TriumphByen with his wife and son. Reza has been awarded with Kvartalets Balder-nabo (Q1 2024).

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

That's the mantra of Reza Aalami, who was proclaimed the best Balder neighbor for the first quarter of 2024 in early April. A recognition he owes to his neighbors.

"I'm simply overwhelmed, very happy and surprised," says the newly crowned winner.

Watering flowers and cooking for neighbors
The nominations from Reza's neighbors sounds like this:

"Reza always greets us with a smile and shows care for his neighbors. He's kind and friendly towards all the children in the area, who always get to say hello to his dog Coco. He has looked after our apartment and flowers while we were away, and he's always ready to help. Reza is fantastic and having him nearby makes us feel safer."


"He checks up on us when we're sick and brings us food. He helped us when we moved to Espergærde by showing us around the area. Reza is one of the reasons why we're not moving away from here."

When asked for a piece of advice to strengthen good neighborly relations, Reza says:

"I think it's only natural to help your neighbors with big and small things. It's been part of my upbringing. And it's easy to just ask 'how are you?' when you meet each other in the hallway. That way, you get to know each other better, and from those conversations, you learn when your neighbors might need help with something."

Do you (also) know Balder's best neighbor?
In addition to the honor, Reza has received a gift basket filled with goodies, a Balder mug, a bouquet of flowers, and a certificate. Prizes that future Kvartalets Balder-naboer can also get their hands on.

The next Kvartalets Balder-nabo will be announced at the end of Q2 and will be published as soon as possible thereafter. The deadline for nominations is June 14, 2024.

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