Nominate your neighbour


At Balder, we value good neighborliness. We believe that neighbours thrive best when getting to know each other, helping one another, and participating in the community.

We want to celebrate good neighborliness and those who make a difference for their neighbours, property, and local area. That's why we announce the Balder Neighbour of the Quarter four times a year: in March, June, September, and December.

However, we can't celebrate the best Balder neighbours without your help. If you have a good neighbour who makes a difference for you and possibly others in the property, you can easily and quickly follow the link to nominate them.

Deadline for nomination for 2nd quarter Balder-nabo: June 14, 12.00 AM.


What characterizes a good neighbour?

  • A neighbour who is kind enough to lend their folding chairs when you are expecting guests and need extra seatings.
  • A neighbour who organizes communal activities on the property.
  • A neighbour who helps carry the heavy grocery bags.
  • A neighbour who walks your dog when you come home late.

And much more... You know best what a good neighbour is to you.

How does the selection process work?

In Balder, we have assembled a jury consisting of five employees, all of whom have customer-oriented roles.
The jury evaluates the received nominations continuously based on the following criteria related to Balderhjertet (Balder Heart): Thoughtfulness, engagement, respect, joy, community, responsibility, loyalty, and helpfulness.
In short, the jury chooses the neighbour who demonstrates Balder Heart in their actions.


What happens when the winner is announced?

Once the jury has selected the Balder Neighbor of the Quarter, we will contact the nominator for the prize ceremony.
The prize will be a unique Balder Neighbor mug, a little treat for the palate that you and your neighbor can share, and a beautiful diploma.
With your agreement, we will create a story about your good neighbor relationship for Balder's own channels.

Reza Aalami

Here's the winner of Q1 2024

Reza Aalami from TriumphByen, Espergærde, has won the prize as Kvartalets Balder-nabo for the first quarter of 2024. Reza has e.g. been cooking for his neighbors and taken care of their apartments.

Read more about Reza here