Do you want to move to another Balder home?


We are happy that you want to move internally from one apartment at Balder to another. To make this easy for you, we have made a short overview of the process and applicable terms. Of course, we are ready to help you with everything.

Termination form and the new rental application: Once your agent has confirmed that you can rent the apartment you have looked at together, you must fill out the form, which you will find further down the page. In the form, you terminate your current apartment and send information to a new lease.

  • Lease and termination: Shortly after we have received the completed form, we will send you a lease with terms applicable to your upcoming apartment as well as confirmation of termination of the apartment you are moving from.
  • Occupancy inspection: Once we have received the signed lease and registered that the payment has been transferred to our account, your future administrator will invite you to an occupancy inspection by email. The move-in inspection will be held no later than the 1st or 15th of a month. If it falls on the 1st or 15th of a weekend or on a public holiday, the move-in inspection will instead be held the first working day after. Keys to the apartment are given to you at the move-in inspection.
  • Eviction inspection: You will also be invited to an ecivtion inspection, where you must hand in all the keys to the apartment you are moving from. After the eviction inspection, you no longer have access to the apartment. If one or more keys are missing, we must change the lock for the sake of future tenants, which is at the tenant's expense.

NOTE: If you don’t show up at the eviction inspection, you will be charged a fee of DKK 1,850.00. If the inspection cannot be facilitated, so that we have 10 full working days for repairs, you will be charged rent for the missing days.

Read more about vacating here.

Security deposit and prepaid rent

When you move internally with Balder, the deposit and prepaid rent belong to one rental. You must therefore pay a new deposit, prepaid rent and rent for the new apartment. It is not possible to move the deposit from one home to another. When there has been an eviction inspection of the apartment you are moving from, a relocation statement will be made, and you will receive the remaining deposit left in your account, if there is any.

The relocation statement is expected to be ready within 6-8 weeks from the release date and will be sent via email.

Bonding period

You can have a bonding period on the lease, in which case it will be stated in your lease. You will find the information at the top of §11, just as the length of your bonding period also appears here. If you have a 12-month bonding period, the lease must be terminated before the end of the 9th month, as the remaining 3 months will be your notice of termination.

If you wish to terminate your lease during the bonding period, we will of course try to re-let the lease as soon as possible. In the event of termination during the bonding period, you will have to pay a re-letting fee, corresponding to the fee that Balder Danmark pays the external agent.

Application form


  • Internal relocation form: You can download the form and fill it in digitally, or print it out, fill it out, scan it. You can then send it back to the rental agent you are in contact with, or come by and drop it off at our head office. Download the application form here (in English). 
  • Pet permit: It is also possible to apply for a pet permit in all our leases. If you want the form sent to you, you can make that clear in the application form. You can also download it here.

Example of an internal relocation

You take over new apartment on 1 March. You can also choose to move out on March 1, but then you must of course move in and out the same day, and therefor both have time to move your things and clean the home. If you want to have a few weeks to move in, you must note your departure to be on 15 March. As an evictee, you always pay for the repair period after your eviction, but because you move internally with Balder, we will release you already 14 days after your eviction (the release will be the 1st or the 15th of the month, so you can not be released on the 25th e.g.)

When you moved into the apartment you now have to move away from, you most likely paid a period of prepaid rent. The prepaid rent will be used during the last period you are liable for the home.

If you have not paid a period's prepaid rent when you moved in, you must of course pay rent until your release. You can see if you have paid prepaid rent in your lease on page 2 under § 4.

Please note that in the event that the dates are Saturdays or public holidays, the examples may not necessarily be used. We always need 10 working days to repair the home you are moving from.

Different departments will help you

In the event of an internal relocation at Balder, there are several departments within the process.

As a start, the rental agent you have been in contact with can help you with questions about the process. Our different departments can help you if you have further questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact them.

Termination and invitations to eviction inspection is processed by Balder's customer service and can be contacted at

New lease is processed by Balder's rental department and can be contacted at

Occupancy inspections will be made together with either your new administrator, or an administrator you already know from the property you already live. If you move from one property in Balder to another, you will most likely get a new administrator. You will receive your new administrator's information once the new lease has fallen into place. If you are moving from one apartment to another in the same property you already know your administrator's information.