Balder supports the community in Greve nord

Klub Godset

Balder has actively engaged in supporting the local community in Greve Nord. This includes, among other things, a sponsorship for the 'pocket money jobs' project.

In Balder, we have made a commitment to support the local community in Greve Nord. This is done through monthly sponsorships to the Greve North Project and the leisure club Klub Godset, including the so-called pocket money workers, as well as Hundige Boldklub.

Close to Hundige Station, we have been actively building since 2021. On one side of the railway tracks, the residential property Strandby Huse has been completed and fully leased, while the construction of the property Strandby Høje on the other side of the tracks is still in progress and partially inhabited.

"With our two new residential properties, we have become a permanent and visible part of the area near Hundige Station. In addition to building in the area, we have permanent staff at our two properties, where since December 2023, we have welcomed a large number of new residents home. Being a part of the local community in the way we are in Greve Nord comes with responsibilities," explains Stephanie Ayotte, responsible for events and communities at Balder.

She continues:

"That's why we engaged in dialogue with Greve Municipality years ago on how we can best support the local community, making it an even more attractive and inclusive area with a continuously functioning voluntary community life. Subsequently, we established a network group for local business actors in Greve Nord, all of whom have an interest in developing and optimizing the area. From our side, two strong local partnerships and corresponding monthly sponsorships have emerged, and we have more exciting initiatives in the pipeline."

Desire for education is rising
One partnership we have formed is with the social housing plan Greve Nord Project and the leisure and youth club Klub Godset. Greve Nord Project covers the areas of Askerød, Gersagerparken, Gudekvarterene, and Klyngen, while Klub Godset welcomes children and young people from all of the municipality's schools.

The focus here is on the so-called pocket money workers: young Greve residents aged 13-15, who - before they can get a part-time job - are employed in various positions in the above-mentioned residential areas or at Klub Godset.

"The purpose is to give young people a broader knowledge of the labor market and motivation to pursue education. Additionally, crime prevention is effective, as pocket money jobs keep the youth engaged and, in some cases, away from trouble," explains Mohammed Ibrahim, project coordinator at Greve Nord Project.

Michala Johansen, leader of Klub Godset, agrees:

"The pocket money workers learn at a young age to navigate a workplace with all the responsibilities, structure, and camaraderie it entails. They become role models for both younger and peer-aged individuals. We are very pleased with the concept and grateful that Balder wants to be part of the project."

Balder's monthly sponsorships for Klub Godset cover the salary expenses for five pocket money workers. Additionally, we cover the administrative fees associated with payroll management.

Meet Jasmin and Mathias: Café employees at Klub Godset 
Two of the pocket money workers whom Balder helps employ are Jasmin Wittendorff and Mathias Humlebæk Brink. Both are 15 years old and in 9th grade at Krogårdsskolen and Arenaskolen, respectively. They started attending Klub Godset at an early age and were asked at the age of 13 if they would be interested in becoming pocket money workers - specifically at Klub Godset.

The answers were both 'yes.' For the first three months, they were both in a "training" phase as pocket money workers by being role models at the leisure club. After the summer break, they started their actual pocket money jobs.

"We both work in the club's café 2-3 times a week. We also help out during larger events. It's a cozy job where you also learn what it's like to be part of a real workplace," says Jasmin Wittendorff, who has become so interested in the educational aspect of the job that she is now certain about her future career path:

"I will attend 10th grade after the summer break, and then it's my plan to study to become a pedagogical assistant. Perhaps later on, study to become a pedagogue. I have definitely been inspired by the many skilled educators working here at the leisure club."

Mathias Humlebæk Brink is also clear about what he wants to study:

"I would really like to become a carpenter, as I enjoy using my hands. Right now, I work alongside Klub Godset in the deli department at Føtex, so there is plenty to do."

More efforts to keep Hundige Boldklub running 
Another place where pocket money workers in Greve Municipality can be employed is at Hundige Boldklub. However, this will only happen when the season truly starts in April. During the winter months, there is a hiatus in matches and tournaments, although training continues when the weather and the artificial turf allow.

One of the driving forces keeping the club together is chairman Jan Holst Andersen. At the end of 2023, he was able to hire two new employees with a salary paid by Balder:

"We currently have around 7-800 members, and it's clear that a club like ours cannot operate without both voluntary forces and sponsorships from businesses and foundations. Therefore, it is a great help that we now have our expenses covered for two part-time employees who can help keep the club and the community life so important to our district alive," says Jan Holst Andersen.

The two new employees are Christina Lind, who handles the club's fundraising and sponsorship search as well as the website, and Parshang Fatahi, who is employed as a café worker and responsible for purchases. Both of them are now helping to keep things running for the benefit of the many residents who use the club's offerings:

"Hundige Boldklub is one of the largest associations in the district and a gathering point like no other. It plays a significant role in providing the city's youth with a place to be. They use our café and lounge to gather and hang out - even if they don't necessarily have to train or be members. In this way, the facilities become a sanctuary, and for that reason, it's important that the association exists. It both brings together the local population, provides opportunities for an active football life, and creates a much-needed meeting place," concludes Jan Holst Andersen.