7 things you can do at home


I disse tider må vi blive hjemme

We have put together 7 great tips for what to do without leaving your home.

Are you one of the many who do not know what to spend time on, now that large parts of Denmark are closed and you have to stay indoors? We have put together 7 great tips for what to do without leaving your home.

Invite to a virtual Easter lunch

For many, Easter equals lots of family fun, Easter lunches and lovely moments together. But because of the corona situation, we cannot physically meet with our family members as we usually do. Why not think out of the box and gather the closest family members for a virtual Easter lunch?

It can be arranged with Skype or FaceTime. That way, you can easily enjoy each other's company without being physically gathered.

Create a photo book

Spend the extra time you have, to create a photo book that includes pictures of great moments and everyday situations for your family to remember. An idea is to create a photo book for every year that goes by.

Online workout

Your daily bike ride to and from work is canceled and the fitness center is closed.

Fortunately, there is help to be found, as most gyms offer online training. This means that you can train with a professional instructor at home in your living room at your convenience.


Creative competition for Balders residents

For all children between the ages of 0 and 15, we make a weekly creative competition where the children will need to do a creative project. Every Wednesday we submit a new topic for the week through email. Once your child has made his/her creative project, simply take a picture of the project and send it to konkurrence@balder.dk. Please also write your address in the mail.

The lucky winner will receive a gift card for Lirum Larum Leg of DKK 500.

Tidy up with Marie Kondo

Most of us have messy places in our homes. It may be in your closet, which looks very good when closed, but looks like a nightmare when opened. It can also be messy and disorganized storage boxes or drawers with things that may not matter to you anymore. It can be old toys, worn clothes, old birthday cards, unused tools and so on.

Can you recognize any of it? Then it might be time to tidy up. You may want to follow the cleanup guru Marie Kondo's 10 most important cleanup tips. You can read more about them here.

Arrange virtual coffee breaks

Are you one of the many who work from home during these times? Then you've probably begun to miss the nice coffee breaks with your colleagues.

You can easily arrange a virtual coffee break with one or more colleagues in front of the screen.

Yoga for children

In a time like this, it is important to do something that brings inner calm, joy and well-being. And this applies to both adults and children. For kids, children's yoga is an excellent idea.

Several yoga instructors offer online children's yoga, and you can find many great yoga videos on YouTube.