Welcome home to Høje Taastrup C: The first residents have moved into new neighbourhood

When Fyrkanten is completed, it will contain 107 quality apartments full of light and functionality.

On Wednesday 27th of April, the keys to 46 apartments in Fyrkanten’s first stage were handed over to the new residents, who are now the first to be able to furnish their homes in this brand-new neighbourhood.

Lots of work is being put into making the property’s surroundings ready for the new residents. The sidewalk is being established, the city park Åbenheden has already been inaugurated, benches and the last trees are soon placed, and the grass has just been sown.

In the coming years, many new neighbours will come: the vision for the new neighbourhood is to be home to up to 4,000 citizens and 4,000 jobs.

Balder Danmark, who are behind Fyrkanten, has looked forward to welcoming the residents to Fyrkanten and Høje Taastrup C:

"It is always exciting when the first residents move into a new property - but of course it is even more exciting, when it is a completely new neighbourhood they move into as well," says project manager Tore Dahl Iversen from Balder Denmark.”

“Fyrkanten has a unique location with two fronts facing the city park and with the upcoming town hall as a neighbour. With the property's next stage, there will also be three business premises located on the ground floor, including a café, which will help to a create vibrant neighbourhood for both residents and visitors,” he says.

“A milestone”

Also at Arealudviklingsselskabet Høje Taastrup C P / S, who are responsible for the development of the entire new neighbourhood, they welcome the new residents:

”It is a milestone for Høje Taastrup C when the first residents move in, because it is the first step towards bringing life to the city,” says director Lars Bloch.

Arealudviklingsselskabet and their partners have put together a welcome package with, among other things, special offers and delicacies to welcome the new residents home.

Michael Ziegler, mayor of Høje Taastrup, also welcomes the new residents, and looks forward to this milestone for the new neighbourhood:

"We are very happy about the interest we have experienced in living in the new neighbourhood, which will soon be buzzing with life and tie the city together in a new way," he says.

The new citizens in Høje Taastrup C will, like all other newcomers to the municipality, be invited to a welcome tour in the form of a sightseeing with the mayor as guide.

Attractive location  

Three construction sites further down the street, you will find another Balder property under construction, the residential property Rubinhaven. Balder Danmark sees many qualities in the municipality and the new neighbourhood:

"Høje-Taastrup municipality already has many of the qualities our customers ask for: A vibrant city life, green areas, many jobs, shopping opportunities and not least well-functioning infrastructure," says CEO of Balder Denmark, Flemming Joseph Jensen.

“Høje Taastrup C has many exciting initiatives, which we see a lot of potential in contributing to with our two properties. Both Fyrkanten and Rubinhaven provide good conditions for an easy everyday life, which in combination with the attractive surroundings can contribute to attracting citizens of all ages to the neighbourhood,” concludes Flemming Joseph Jensen.


Fyrkanten is being built in a collaboration between Balder Danmark, Sjælsø Management, the engineers ABC and the architects Mangor & Nagel.

Fyrkanten consists of a total of 107 apartments divided into two stages. The homes in the second and final stage are ready for occupancy by July.

If you are interested in a home in Fyrkanten, you can contact LokalBolig Taastrup at 43 99 99 96.