Rubinhaven and its extraordinary common facilities is completed

RUB fælleslokaler

Communal facilities in Rubinhaven are finalized

The recidents of Rubinhaven can now look forward to enjoying the beautiful and cozy 214 square meter common facility.

Rubinhaven in Høje Taastrup C is now completed, and the property is a splendid example of how to take communal facilities to a new level to create an optimal user experience.

In the spring of 2022, Balder's first property in Høje Taastrup C was completed. Now the company is ready with another completed property – Rubinhaven, in the brand-new urban area.

Rubinhaven is an urban property designed by the award-winning architectural firm Mangor & Nagel. The property is distinguished by the ruby ​​red colours, architectural round windows, private roof terraces and, not least, a unique and innovative common room with several functions, including a café. According to project manager Tore Dahl Iversen, it is the first time that the real estate company has spend so many resources on a common room.

"We have put an extraordinary amount of resources into Rubinhaven's common room. We do this with joy and high expectations, because we know how much value it gives our customers. We want to give our residents the best opportunity to have an easy everyday life with lots of happiness" says Tore. 

Balder started renting apartments in Rubinhaven in June 2022. See the last available homes

Caféområde RUB

Cozy atmosphere

Rubinhaven's common facilities are ideal for relaxing with a cup of coffee from the local barista, but are also designed for work.

RUB fælleslokale legeområde

Play area for the children

While the adults talk, the children can play in the screened-off play area.

RUB private dining

Private dining

In the private dining area, up to ten people can sit together for birthdays, a meeting or something completely different. Adjacent is a kitchen.

RUB Barista

Built-in barista

The local barista can offer delicious hot drinks and snacks.

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Taking community facilities to new heights


Rubinhaven is created with a focus on quality, community, and an easy everyday life. The property's flexible common room of 214 square meters is the biggest asset. Balder's Marketing Manager Sandra Sebber has been responsible of the concept development and furnishing of the common room.

"The common room offers a lot of delights. The plan is that a barista will open here, where customers can meet for a steaming hot coffee or a freshly squeezed juice. The room is also furnished with work areas with power plugs directly in the high tables and free wi-fi, as well as a play area. There is also a private room with table and chair arrangement, flat screen and a small kitchen,” says Sandra Sebber.

The property company has just put the finishing touches on the common room, which will soon be ready for use. Tore Dahl Iversen has high hopes for the use of the common room:

"If you need to work for a few hours, you can use the room's work area, and you just take the children with you. They can have fun in the play area. If you want to invite your friends to a birthday party, meet with your customers or things like that, this can be done in the private room. The common room can be used in many ways, and I really believe that it will create great value for our residents," he explains.

RUB lounge

Tore Dahl Iversen also says that the residents of Rubinhaven can look forward to an opening party.

"During the spring, we invite all new residents to a cozy opening party in the common room. Here, the idea is that you can experience the room and its many functions, greet your new neighbors and Balder employees. All residents will receive an invitation by email shortly."

The property also offers a courtyard with play equipment for the children and quiet areas where the adults can settle down.