Topping-out ceremony: 234 rental apartments underway in Orestad

Bastionen rejsegilde

Balder builds another large project in Orestad, Bastionen. The rooftree of the property has been raised and that was recently celebrated with a topping-out ceremony,

Balder recently celebrated that the rooftree was raised on Bastionen, another major housing project in Orestad South. The property will comprise 234 rental homes, the first of which will already be ready for move-in by July 2020.

Bastionen is designed by the award-winning architects from Danielsen Architecture and is being constructed by Balder Denmark in close collaboration with By & Havn, Sjælsø Management, Danielsen Urban Landscape, and Sweco.

Bastionen is particularly characterized by its unique facade, which is adorned by 'hanging gardens'. The gardens function as built-in balconies and give the building a green and open look. 32 of the apartments in Bastionen have private, glass-covered conservatories, which can be enjoyed in all weather.

The property is expected to be fully completed by December 2020, and the first apartments will be available for rent already in February 2020. You can read more about the project and sign up for an interest list here.