Balder acquires two new residential building plots in Høje Taastrup C

Balder har opkøbt to boligbyggefelter i Høje Taastrup C

Balder has acquired two building sites in the new district of Høje Taastrup C, which in a few years will appear completely transformed with housing, businesses, retail shops, town halls and a city par

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The real estate company Balder has increased its investment in Høje Taastrup with the acquisition of two additional building sites, this time in the upcoming district of Høje Taastrup C. Balder is already in the process of constructing the property "Agerhusene" in Høje Taastrup and the two properties "Lerholmen" and "Lynghaven" in the upcoming district “Nærhden” which also is a part of Høje Taastrup. With the two new projects, Balder will provide 750 homes in Høje Taastrup and is thus one of the largest actors in rental housing in the area.

The two new building blocks, temporarily called A10 and A17, have a combined building right of 17,180m2, of which 17,180m2 are reserved to housing and 570m2 are reserved to businesses. Both building blocks have a great location next to a new park area, and the A10 building is located directly opposite to the new town hall.

The start of the two construction projects is yet to be determined, but Balder says that they expect to start construction of the A10 at the end of 2020 and the A17 by mid-2021.

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